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  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Harem so glad to see your still here, i hope your well.

    I did get your PM you sent last year and have just read it many thanks.

    I had cancer this year but am OK now fingers crossed which is another reason for not getting back to TLF.

    You Take Care ok

    Andy xx
    Hi Harem.
    Like yourself I am always happy to lend a hand and love making new friends.
    I did introduce myself last year and this is me just getting back to the forum ( internet problems !!)
    I guess it just takes time.
    Thank you
    Hi Harem,
    Thank you for responding to my friend request,you were the only forum member to reply !!!
    What am I doing wrong ?
    Hi Emmie, I am looking to book some trips whilst we are out there. I have found a company called Carole and Tayfun. Do you know of them? Booking from the UK makes things much cheaper but just trying to do a bit of homework on them first!!!
    Happy Birthday Emmy, where does the time go eh.

    Best wishes & enjoy your special day
    Thanks for message Emmy. I have had no work now for a week and i have posted daily here certainly haven't been quiet, we have just been missing each other. Anyway i hope your as well as you can be. T C. B F N.
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