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  • Hi Ginny unfortunately I am not on Facebook but my other half is so I will get him to add you when I come there his name is Ertugrul he owns Ali's restaurant in Dalyan the one by the mosque x
    It would be lovely to meet up I will be needing lots of friends and support there x
    Hi Hannah,
    A very useful site for you to join is the Dalyan Buy, Swap, recipes - you will find it on Facebook. I am also on Facebook, Ginny Harrington.
    When you come to Dalyan we'll meet up, although I am one of the older ex-pats here, and there are an increasing group of young ladies married or with Turkish men, and with babies or toddlers, so you will have plenty of friends!
    Good luck with the move, and for what it's worth, I was quoted half a container's worth of goods with Dolphin seven years ago and it was nearly £5,000 then! I bring treasured things back in dribs and drabs, but luckily my daughter bought my house in the UK so a lot of my own furniture is still there.
    Kind regards,
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