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    Bikes for sale in YALIKAVAK:

    Bikes for sale in YALIKAVAK: 2 very good mountain bikes in excellent condition 1 x GHOST SPECIAL EDITION 1150 SE ONE (Gents) 1 x GHOST MISS ACTION EDITION M1150 (Lady’s) Originally 1200 TL each, asking price 600 TL each or 1100 TL for both. If you buy both, the “Universal trunk bike carrier”...
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    FB and Twitter down in Turkey today?

    Hi, I can't get to FB or Twitter, does anybody else in Turkey have the same problem?
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    Grommets for curtains

    Hi, Does anybody know a curtain shop/maker around Yalikavak/Bodrum where it is possible to get grommets for curtains? Preferably the shop will insert them, I don't feel doing it myself.
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    2nd Yalikavak Marina Tiklik Bay

    Hi, I read in Yalikavak Facebook group about the plans for another marina (written by Ken Glen) Just to add to the lunacy, plans have been revealed for a new 400,000 sq metre marina in Yalikavak's Tilkicik bay. No this isn't an early April Fool's joke. Three companies put in tenders last...
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    A Sunday win for Erdogan

    Sorry, couldn't resist ...
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    Should she?

    Sometimes it's incredible what Turkish politicians have on their agenda... :) Should a Muslim girl ride shoulders in a concert? AKP MP says no way? - LOCAL No wonder they don't have time to solve the visa and residency mess...
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    A "fresh" approach to Turkey 2014

    I usually post only links to articles, but this article made my day :) so I will share the whole... What will happen in Turkey in 2014 BELGİN AKALTAN - Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the far right Nationalistic Movement Party (MHP) will finally get married. Prime...
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    Film about Sixto Rodriguez

    I got a Christmas present, a DVD "Searching For Sugar Man". I have never heard the name of Sixto Rodriguez before - a fantastic film, a fantastic story and a fantastic person, get it if you can :) Jaycey would probably know more about him because of Sixto Rodriguez's popularity in South Africa...
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    Killing a fantasy figure...

    Tolerant and peaceful Muslims? Santa Claus figure stabbed in Istanbul
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    Also curious...

    I would like to know the name of this bushy thing - garden shops clip them usually in the shape of a ball. They have sometimes very small white or blue flowers. Can somebody help, please?
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    Bodrum - domestic or international

    Hi, we are flying from Oslo via Istanbul to Bodrum. Our luggage goes directly to Bodrum from Oslo. (We are not going to pick it up in Istanbul, it will be transferred by Turkish Airlines to the domestic flight Istanbul-Bodrum.) Last year when we landed in Bodrum at the domestic terminal, they...
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    Al-Monitor : the Middle East news portal

    ...useful? Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East A NEW LOOK AT THE MIDDLE EAST Al-Monitor is a new media website providing original reporting and analysis by prominent journalists and experts from the Middle East and offering in-depth analysis through its Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon...
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    The real marina in Yalikavak

    ... reaching the destination :)
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    Are Gülen and Zaman targets now?

    ...revolution devouring it's own children? We have been observing a systematic smear campaign in social media against Zaman and Today's Zaman; however, I am proud of being one of the columnists in these two papers who has always sided with the people of Turkey by acting reasonably and taking a...
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    Muhammad cartoons : epilogue

    Perhaps, there is a hope for others to wake up and stop killing in the name of "any" religion? Ahmad Akkari, Danish Muslim: I was wrong to damn Muhammad cartoons | World news |
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