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  • I hate to say it but Malcflyer knew exactly what he was doing and is full of bullshit!!
    His now subservient apology doesnt wash with me at all and his comment re funds available without having seen the place??
    He was an opportunist investor or an estate agent!
    Now us suspicious ones were naive in our reaction?
    I am staying out of it mate as I will bugger up your thread but all the best with it!
    I havent got your compassion so well done for being so level headed.
    As for dear Ben,I am speechless !!
    there are one or two heartless bastards on this forum who havent got a drop of human compassion between them!!
    I am bloody furious at some comments re supporting your sale!
    absolute giveaway price but if needs must what can you do!!!
    Good luck and I wish it had been there 3 years ago when we bought as it makes ours look like an annexe DAMN!!!
    All I was saying was that I thought that your price was good value for a place in Yali,where 2 bed properties are still selling at £60 K. Search me why they deleted it? maybe they thought we were in cahoots to keep it at top. ?? Good luck anyway Pete
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