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  • Morning Debbie, just a short note to wish you and all the family a wonderful Christmas and super New Year, take care. 2011 I hope it is all you dream of, I wish good things for you in your quest. Sharon xxxxxxxxxx
    Aww Debbie, after a year. Dear me how slow it all progresses, but !!! now it is decided the court venue, I think this may be the turning point. I have all crossed for you hon, be sure of that, I really really really want you to have a result, you truly deserve it. Keep the faith, I will and be rooting for you all the way. Please, keep in touch. Love Sharon xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Debbie, lovely to hear from you. Keep positive for the Tapu!! I am trying to get back on track, one step forward two back but I'm a plodder and will persevere! The Lord loves a trier ehh ?? Amazing you and your Turkish, I salute you, you're a good un. Please keep in touch now and then, you know I am not much of a facebooker and never have time to keep trying LOL!! Take care. Will be willing that piece of paper to reach you. xxxxxxx
    Hi Debbie, not seen or heard you for a long time, when you log in, just saying hi, hope you are well and all the family. Regards, Sharon xxx
    hi, debbie, just realised i didn't reply when you asked about the PCT's!!!! oops!! so i'll tell you now.
    i haven't been in touch with anyone yet, except local authority, as the breathe easy group we go to have got someone in the know coming to this months meeting, so hopefully i'll get some info from that, then go from there. thanks for asking, and sorry for not letting you know sooner! i've slapped my hands for you. Arrian xx
    Debbie glad face book got sorted , am tired just reading about working out , love Bebs
    Debbie, I know hon, but I thought it would be a few pounds it is far too much, I am struggling with it all, honest i am. Sharon xxx
    It is so hard because it sounds so ungrateful.
    Hi, I've just had a look at the thread about the rip off's and the company I meant with the initials are Hanel Houses.
    The lambing time is all to do when the farmer wants the lambs bearing in mind that the top price for lamb is usually easter. The gestation period is about 147 days so a raddle (crayon) is put on the ram so that the farmer knows when a ewe has been 'tupped'. The ewe will only come into season for a few hours about every 3 weeks and there is no way a ram will miss a ewe in season. The crayon is changed for a different colour so that the farmer knows if the ewe goes to the ram a second time usually indicating she is barren and won't produce lambs.
    One of our neighbours keeps sheep as a sideline and has his ewes 'sponged' so that they come into season on the same day and he can plan his lambing for when he is on holiday from his fulltime job at Christmas.
    We tried all different dates for lambing but you have to weigh up the costs of extra feed for early lambing to getting the top price at Easter.
    Thanks for the birthday greetings Debbie. I hope Ercan can help you out as he is a great guy.
    Hi Debbie,

    Terrible situation isn't it? You may have seen the owners own post after mine, they are such a lovely couple, I feel so bad for them but at least we were here to sort things out for them.

    After all the recent rain we have had the sun came out today so we managed to get up to Şerefler with Ann (rosehillgirl) and her hubbie, Ray, and had a lovely breakfast. A nice break after the trauma of the last couple of days

    Hopefully see you over the summer.

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

    Ruth & Sezayi
    Hi sweet things, yes its all true I am officially a 'twirly' (if you don't know what that is I will explain sometime) I had a great week full of celebrations last week with Andy and all our friends and its back to work this week to continue earning the remaining 28 mortgage repayments. No rest for the wicked!! As you are aware we are in Dalaman from 3rd April for two weeks and then from 17th July for three weeks, hopefully our paths will cross at some point.

    Lots of love to you all

    Hi Debbie
    I think they are sending that email about money to everyone because we got it as well, even though Steve had arranged payment. When the money was sent as arranged they did not send any message to say they had received it. Steve phoned this morning an Metin said he forgot to send a confirmation email.
    Hi Debbie, we also sent a message to Metin last we but did not get a reply so Steve is going to give him a call on Monday. Will let you know how he gets on.

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