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  • Hi Germaine

    Don;t know you personally, but miss your posts, hope you can find the time and strength to join in with us again.

    Best wishes

    From Pearl Rock
    Akbuk and kent !
    Hi Germine, I also have a villa at Olive village, pool charges are a joke, have you managed to fnd a company yet?

    A big Happy Birthday to you Germaine, hope you had a great day.

    Best Wishes Buddy...:pressie::pressie::pressie:

    Hi Germaine.ive been missing you and wondered where you were..just seen a bit about things and want to add my words of support comfort call them what you want. ive been through it..but everybodies experience is different. roll with the punches that life gives you its the only way you can get any peace of mind.
    then pick yourself up dust yourself down and start all over again.
    Well, glad to hear that all is going well now. Look forward to you rejoining the boards when you are more settled. Take care.
    Germaine: Just wanted you to know that you have been missed. Hope everything works out ok for you. Maria.
    Hi Germain, I had missed you on the forum and am sorry to learn (through being nosy) of the reason. I do hope that it all works out OK for you. I can only wish you the best of luck and hope to see more of your postings in the future. Enjoy Turkey in March. Emmy
    Hi Germaine, I had missed you on the forum and I am sorry to learn (through being nosy) the reason why. I hope it all works out for you. All the best. Emmy
    l am so sorry to read of your plight.Divorce is one those burdens that effects the many,children,family members etc.
    l wish you all the best in solving this terrible moment in your time of life.
    Take care
    I realised you had been away from the forum for a while and thought (like me) that perhaps it had got a bit tedious and in need of a break.
    I was sorry to read about the 'estranged' wife in your post.
    I never meddle or offer advice to what is someone else's personal life but I hope everything results in a satisfactory manner for you.
    I haven't posted for a few weeks and don't know if I will bother or not in the future, but I still read up on things.
    Best Wishes
    Germaine your alive,where have you been.You missed some heated topics on the religious issues.
    Nice to know your still there.
    Take care
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