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  • hi there
    sorry for late reply. give me a ring when you come over to bodrum and we can arrange date and time to meet up my mob number 05376822988 thank you very much
    Hi Griff,

    Ah I 've got Shauns place mixed up with the other duplex on F block --I thought it was furnished.Did you get my reply to your mail last week ?

    Best regards Paul
    Hi Paul

    Got your e-mail today about smile and Shauns place.
    Problem with his place is there isn't stick of furniture , electrics or almost anything else. Its a shell with wires hanging out!.
    I think SMILE are taking the piss about the electric etc,, as what has happended to the money that people have been sending for the utilities?, obviously they have not been paying them and aloud it to mount up. The water is not on the mains so it cannot be disconnected as it is ROD we pay for water from his well.
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