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  • Peter, long time no hear. Hope all is well with you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Take care. Sharon xxxxx
    YouTube - Katherine Jenkins' new single 'Angel' sharing with you a lovely song.
    Peter I am sorry the song I posted was in Italian, I love him singing and just love his melody I never notice the language, I never thought, so sorry.
    Oh dear I am sorry you have been so busy with Brians problems I bet it is not an easy thing to be doing, I wish you well. I am okay Peter - okay! will fill you in when you are in less turmoil you have enough on your plate for now. Keep well, thinking on you. xxxxxxx
    Hello Sharon,

    Sorry I have not been in touch. I have been trying to sort Brian's problems out now that he is Fethiye prison.Thanks for song - I have only just come back on to TLF again. Hope that you are better than you have been lately. Peter xxx
    hi Peter ..curiosity killed the cat..and so when i saw your mention of Jussi (Bjorlingn) İ had to find out more...and glad i did...what a wonderful voice..thanks
    Hi Peter,
    Oh, sorry to hear that... Have you tried/considered acupuncture for pain relief? Hope it eases soon.
    Take care.
    Good to see you back online Peter - assuming you are better?
    Take care.
    Peter, have not heard any news on your recovery, just to say - hope you are getting better. Hope to hear from you soon. Thinking on you - Love Sharon xxxxxxxxxx
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