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  • Hi im interested in renting a house or apartment in Alanya turkey.
    Looking for a 1or 2 bedroom as my partner might stay a few weeks.
    Dates are from 12 th july - November 27th 2013.
    Please can you let me knw if u can help me , as been looking fir a while now.

    Steve. E.mail f1steve@hotmail.com
    Why was the post closed re the Instanbul american? I wanted to reply to the last post as I felt nothing was said that was rude or offensive just straight common sense.
    I would never advise you to break the law to save your child but remember you too can contact Bernado's, Women's Aid etc for extra assistance and remmeber their is an underground system out there apparently to save children and a parent. I was thinking of you and your son and know that every minute he is not with you is like a little death but no matter what keep fighting, if you have to sit in offices and hassle people nicely and repetitivly it does work, wear them down. I know you know that you may be told by all and sundry not to interfere and let the law takes it course, but your child's life can not be left to a arbritary decision cos the system is overloaded. Sorry just read this back and it was meant to be supportive, in someways I think you will know that. Anyhow, stay safe.
    Yes I was afraid that it was your son, but knew the names were different. Unfortunately this is a massive harder fight, so don't give up. Perhaps you need to go again and again to all the institutions, dail, tds, gps, hse etc etc and say this all over again especially now and unfortunately that the poor other child died. You will just have to get on the table and start shouting louder and louder. Remind them all in the letter or email in clear bullet points what you have done to date, what has not happened and that your child is falling through the cracks in the system like so many before him and you are afraid for his well being and life. CC it to Frances Fitzgerald and tell her you want it logged by them, and logged by the Ombudsman for Children, logged by your local police and higher up etc and just keeping saying you are worried for the life of your child which you are.
    saw my son this evening. i was with my solicitor this morning. wife still not complying with court order. ignoring barring order, turns up everywhere we go, refuses to allow intermediary to be on her own with him. death of child in cork this week very similar to my wife. many people thought it was my child. not back in court till oct. laurence
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