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    Get UK Winter Fuel payment while living in Turkey?

    Quick question :- Do you still get winter fuel payment while living in Turkey ? İ get my pension paid into my UK Bank a/c The pension service know i live in Turkey and have my address i would be grateful for any info
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    HSBC Bank A/C

    İ recieved an email from HSBC bank this morning on opening the email it informed me that a secure payment had been made into my A/C. from and to view this transaction i would have to give my email and secure password so if anyone get one of these emails dont open the link its a...
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    Bodrum Christmas party

    : 27br: Nur and i went to the Bodrum Belediye Christmas party on the 26th lots of people there lots of camera men but as yet havnt been able to find any photo's or write up on the event : Ohwell:
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    The shame of the human race (KATYN )

    withdrawn due to lack of compasion
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    Facebook warning

    :hurt: Ive been playing games on facebook as its cold in Bodrum OH! big mitake !! They are infected with viruses and malware ive had to have a new hard drive fitted and my laptop cleaned twice now cost 350tl ! has anyone else had this happen ? First sign's are Add's for chatting or meeting...
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    I know this is the wrong place for this post but couldnt find a place to fit it in and it is News so here we go . I took Nur to the Doctors this morning in Bodrum and across from the surgery there was yellow police tape across an entrance and quite a few people standing around in groups so Nur...
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    help !

    I keep getting a message come up "" ERORS ON THIS PAGE MIGHT CAUSE IT NOT TO WORK POPERLY Before i take my baby to the doctor any body got any ideas ? ive downloaded the latest microsoft updates:gossip:
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    Anybody feel it 3.2 tremor off black island Bodrum at aboute 4.00pm :decision::eek::eek:
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    Animals are funny at times . 2

    Some more of my favourites
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    Animals are funny at times

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    The Badge

    The other day i needed to go to A&E and not wanting to sit and wait for 4 hours or more i put on my blue suit and stuck a patch on the lapel that i had downloaded of the internet . As soon as i walked into A&E i noticed that 3|4 of the people waiting just got up and left i guess they wernt realy...
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    God bless you all

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    life in turkey

    Im trying to find an answer to this question . Im 63 and retired on health grounds being over 60 and having had one heart attack no one wants to employ me so im in early retirement recieving pension related credits , my question is if i wanted to leave the uk and live in turkey full time what i...
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    Freddie Dogum gunu RIP

    Opened the computer today on Google to find a short video clip on Freddie Murcury He would have been 65 today RIP freddie sadly missed
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    its not only animals !

    Nur and i get angry at the way some people treat animals in Bodrum for example Nur goes round the local restaurants and fish shops ect collecting left over food ect we then go out every day feeding street cats and dogs you would be amazed at the amount of abuse we get from people for feeding...
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