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    Property sale process

    We are in the process of selling our apartment and have been informed that the 'cadastral value' (turkish - rayic bedel) needs to be applied for from the Belediye. Has anyone else come across this step in the process. I have no problem with accepting this as a valid step in the process, but...
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    New hotel at Koyunbaba, Carian Bay

    This is the 'other' new hotel at Gumuskaya, just lower down the hill from the Gumuskaya dolmus station. It looks like it is nearing completion now with an access being made directly from Koyunbaba Mah.
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    new tansas store in Yalikavak

    It looks kike a new Tansas supermarket is opening in Yalikavak vilaage, just facing th dolmus station. Sign suggests it opened today (10:00) but there was still a bit of last minute finishing of activity as we walked past earlier today. Goos on shelf and doors open though.
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    Havatas bus service from Ataturk Airport

    Sorry if this is an old chestnut but I could not find a thread relating to this. My son is visiting Istanbul next week and plans to use the Havatas bus to transfer from Ataturk airport to Taksim Square. Should be no problem as the service runs frequently and late into the night. The only...
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    wi-fi spots in/ near Gumuskaya

    Does anyone know of any cafe/restarant in Gumuskaya with wifi access?. Its a bit of a schlep into Yali each time I want internet access. I know Victorial does but that is almost as far especally now the rental car has gone back and I am now back to public transport. Any advice would be greatly...
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    Wanted - Acoustic guitar

    Is there anyone on the Bodrum penisula who has an acoustic guitar lying around that they no longer have a use for? We are coming over next week for an 8 week stay at our apartment (Gumuskaya) and will not have enough luggage allowance to bring my own guitar over. Please pm me if you have one to...
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    Telephone Banking - Finansbank

    I am having difficulty getting through to the english speaking option on Finansbank telephone banking service. I have not used the telephone option for a while as the internet banking service works well for most transactions. I have tried the number that used to always get through 0090 216 444...
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    Visa for children

    Could anyone clarify if young children (under 5's) travelling with parents on their passport are subject to the £10 visa fee please. Thanks, Frank
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    Dolmus Timetable (Summer)

    Having a place in Gumuskaya is betwixt and between the Gumusluk and Yalikavak dolmus routes. Up until now we have struggled to find any written timetables but today I stumbled upon some on the web site. Public Transport, Dolmus, Minibus Timetable, Gumusluk, Bodrum I'm not sure...
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    Help!!! Folding bed needed (Bodrum area)

    We have beds for four in our place but have five staying over summer. Does anyone have a z bed to sell. or could some kind soul point me in the direction of here to pick up a new one at a reasonable price in the Bodrum area. Cheers Frank
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    Great night for the reds

    Fantastic celebrations for Man United supporters as they saw their team lifiting the the european champions league trophy for the third time in their history. The mighty reds edged out Chelsea to win 6-5 on penalties after drawing 1-1 at full time and and after no further goals in extra time. I...
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    Anyone looking for a new dishwasher???

    Brand new Arcelik 6220 dishwasher for sale. Delivered 6th March but not fitted (not enough space). Complete with guarantee cert and instuctions in English etc. Price on Arcelic website is 740 YTL. Happy to accept 250YTL buyer collects. Our place is on Royal Blue sitesi (Gumuskaya) Thanks for...
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    Dolmus Service Yali-Gumuskaya

    We were over in March and winter dolmus service between Yali and Gumuskaya was infrequent (if at all it existed). Does anyone know if there is a summer service and the frequency, or a clue to where to find out. We are looking forward to our next visit in early June and undecided whether to hire...
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    Brand New Arcelic Dishwasher- Gumusluk Area

    Brand new Arcelik 6220 dishwasher for sale. Delivered 6th March but not fitted (not enough space). Complete with guarantee cert and instuctions etc. Open to reasonable offers buyer collects. Thanks for looking Frank
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    Dolmus - Winter timetable

    We will be over soon or a two week stay. Our place is on Royal Blue, Gumuskaya and is a bit out of the village. We are hiring a car but wondering if we would need it for 2 weeks or could get away with a one week hire to get the jobs and shopping done, then potter around by dolmus for second...
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