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    Anyone want to earn some extra beer money?

    Hi all, Not sure if this is in the right forum, but hey ho. I wonder if anyone can help at all? A expat resident was able to send some bits over from his local chemists to me every 4 weeks or so- medication came to just under £50, I'd send him £100 and he'd post recorded and the rest was his...
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    Car Hire

    Hi all, Just thought I would canvas opinions as to who would be best to use this year. We used Pegasus last year, pretty average if i'm honest as the car came with a full tank of fuel which I paid for before we left the office. When we returned (empty as agreed) they tried to charge us for...
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    Kozalak Holiday Cottages / Restaurant

    Hi, anyone know whats going on with these cottages at the top of the village?- We've heard that they are building a restaurant/bar up there and trying to make it a bit more 'boutique'.... Foodie
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    Villa Built Last Summer- a long shot...

    Hi all, a real long shot here.. Last summer when we were over we saw that one villa had been built, the other looked half built. I thought I had taken pictures of it, inc the agents details, however.... So, heres a link to google maps...
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    Metro Car Rental

    Anyone got a mobile number of email address that isnt their info@..? Booked a car on Tuesday (for this Saturday), and still not had a confirmation email of the booking and emails asking for their confirmation have gone unread/ unanswered. Thanks, Jason
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    Car Hire-again..

    Hi all, Just a quick question (had a search but came up with nothing) re Car Hire from Dalaman airport. We have used for the last few times Dalaman Car Rental, just emailed them as we are out in a couple of weeks and their prices seem to have shot up. Had a quick search and found several...
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    Anyone willing to send regular medicine to the UK?

    Wasnt really sure where to put this and I probably expect to get some flack for it.. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to send some medicine over every 10 days or so? I am prepared to pay £25 or so for your time, each time plus the cost of the medicine and postage on top?-...
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    Mail Order Pharmacy

    The one I have used in the past isnt particualrly efficient- does anyone know of any in the area that do mail order? Failing that, would anyone be interested in collecting from a ecznesi and posting for me- will of course be paying for your time / inconvenience, with money transfered over in...
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    Flight prices: LGW to DLM

    Well last year we were slightly more organised in getting flights booked early, and as a consequence ended up paying around £500 for the four of us. Not so this year.... Forgot to do it early, and now looking at flight prices making it pretty much a given that we wont be going out this year...
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    Exchange Rate

    Evening everyone, We've got to tranfer some money over for our tapu and other bits, and I've been hanging back as the rates slowly been getting better. Can anyone tell me what the current rate is in fethiye, as every little bit helps! Thanks, J
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    Bl**dy Onur...Damaged Luggage

    Had one of our hard cases damaged coming into Gatwick last Friday night. I can't beleive how difficult it is to claim for it!! Got my reference number from the handling agent, and have to write to Istanbul to put my claim in!! Seriously, what of the chances of my letter getting there, or even...
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    Car Hire in Fethiye; Pick-up from Dalaman

    We usually use Oscar in Fethiye, and have used them quite happily 5 or so times now. I've just gone to price up 2 weeks and a cheaper (basic) Albea came in at over 32£ per day. (last year we had a focus for £28!) Can anyone recomend someone who'll be cheaper than that; who has a website; and...
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    Hillside Apartments- Uzumlu

    Does any one on her own one of these - (6 in total)? J
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    Our builder taking the pi$$..........

    Really sorry for the long post, but I feel I need to rant!! We've had some issues with our builder since April and I would, if possible like some constructive advice.......... We went over in Feb this year to furnish, aside from the kitchen we had made we also picked out wardrobes/units for...
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    Missing Efes at home? Enjoy!
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