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  • Hi Phil. Sorry I haven't been in touch re parcels, but was wondering if you were still taking stuff over for the children? Let me know and I will sort a parcel out soon. Thanks - Miriam
    Hi Phil,
    Have sent you a few e-mails, but no reply, am wondering if you received them.
    Hope all is well with you and family. Been back just over 5 weeks now, so gradually
    getting use to the cold weather, although the 1st week knocked us for 6 as it was so
    cold and we got really bad colds and coughs. We're still awaiting Joe's Pension Credit, once we get that then we can look for a place to live as housing benefit will then come automatically. We are staying with the kids, and enjoying being with them ande the Grandchildren. Let me know that you got this message and my previous e-mails. Please reply to my e-mail address: theturkish2@hotmail.com
    Take care,
    Karen and Joe
    That sounds good Carol. Hope to see you in Koycegiz for more than a few hours.
    Hi Phil how are you, just booked 28th dec 18th Jan
    when are you out?
    Hi Phil

    How are you??...any escapes planned? We're grounded till after my sinus op :( on 29th...cant fly for 4/6 weeks
    Hi Phil - haven't seen much of you on line, how are you doing? Any trips to the sun planned?
    happy birthday to youuuu
    and the cats got the fluoooo
    and the monkeys got the chicken pox.
    happy birthday to youuuuu.hope you have a lovely lovely day
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