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  • hi eve did you read the message of joelene.have sent her a message to take it off the forum and send it in a email unless this is our own private box she put it on .
    hi eve how are you did you enjoy your holiday. didyou hear about ruby hill (mese complex) filled pool with pollystirene (spelling).whats going on.
    Hope you and Pete had a good christmas we had a lovely time(kev had been warned re bf situ.hehe).
    You had better start saving the penny's for when Laura doe's get married wedding's are very expensive we have got 2 to pay for when the time come's.
    We are going to Ireland tonight for a week.
    Happy new year to you,Pete and all the family.

    Marie xx
    Eve, very warm wishes to you and all your family for a wonderful Christmas and super New Year. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Love Sharon xxxxx
    Had a lovley bday kev spoilt me went to shari's for meal and cocktails,then champagne and cocktails on the balcony,then he took me to bellona for our bedroom furniture.
    got to give my liver a rest.haha
    marie xx
    oh, sorry to hear your home, if you know what i mean, yes it was quiet when we were out too, just how we like it !!!. Yes it was just what the doctor ordered , a good old rest. Did you do anything special for your b'day?

    Hi Eve,
    Unfortunatley i'm back home,had a great time prr was quite just how we like it.
    Did you enoy your hols?
    Marie xx
    Hi Eve
    How are you after your holidays did everything go alright.no habitation then .what was the exuses this time.did you see helen and steve.
    Hi Eve
    Had a great holiday. susie and Pete want to go next year as well they love it and the friends they have made .I said i would tell you when i get back becauses they dont want to loose there slot for next year with you.speak soon. lizzy xx oh by the way the chickens have gone.
    hi eve,

    so pleased for rhys bet you and pete are chuffed he is moving on, a holiday at prr will do you all a world of good after all the stress.
    would be lovely if we are able to meet up,will let you know what date we are going when
    i book flights.
    not able to sleep tonight my back is giving me gyp again.
    marie xx
    ı am lieving in istanbul and working istanbul airport as an engineer ı am studying english for my master school, ı want to make practise in english. ı am waiting for your visit istanbul and ı will be glad if you become my friend.
    Hi Evelynne,

    I wanted to click Thanks for your last post but cannot access it for you?? Yet you have thanks totals?? Odd but well said, as you have on several topics on here I might add.

    Debbie Xx
    Hello Evelynne and Pete. Just wondered whether you had had your meeting yet in the Midlands and if so - how did it go? Any decisions made?
    Hi Eve are you in work today. Im not no school because of snow 3 ins.
    Hi Eve how are you feeling now first day back for you. Whats the weather like by you snowing in manchester about 30 mins from us and heavy i bet we dont get any.
    lol lizzy
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