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    Leaving Turkey - Going back home to UK

    Hi all We have decided to go back to the UK. We have a few resons for this, Turkish education, Turkish wage :( and just never feeling settled here. We have managed to solve the UK side, school, house and job. We have 2 problems here, 2 cats who we would love to take back and getting our...
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    Good morning all I have a daughter who will take the sbs exam (8th class) this year and I wondered if their was any exam (not Turkish) that she could take to top up her points, I have heard for the uni exam there are some for students born abroad. Her Turkish is not 100% she does well in lessons...
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    British corner shop

    Good afternoon all I have placed an order with the british corner shop with lots of goodies but it's not come yet and when I looked online it says my box is at customs :( I hope I dont have to pay more money it cost me 700tl already. Had anyone ordered from this site or has anyone had a...
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    Hi all I decided to apply for a few jobs thinking no one would call me because I tried many times before, so anyway I applied for an export job and they have called me for an interview tomorrow :( so heres the problem I have no idea about export and have been on the internet for the last 3 days...
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    Mortgage in Turkey?

    Hi could anyone help me, I want to get a mortage here in Turkey. I have lived here 4 years, have a kimlik been working here for 2 and a half years have sgk for 2 and a half years and have 10.000tl saved up so far. We are thinking to buy ASAP and have seen a house for 100.000tl we have 10.000 and...
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    Flights to uk needed

    Hi all i am planning to go to the UK around the 17th december for 2 weeks and cant seen to find any cheap tickets, there are 5 of us so the cheaper the better. So if anyone knows names of site that have cheap tickets for christmas time please share :)
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    Mags needed

    Hi all i am having an op in a few weeks time and will have to have bed rest for 2 whole weeks :( where i live i cant find any English mags or books to buy so i was wondering if anyone has any old mags they want to sell on will pay and postage costs too i like true life mags like chat, thats...
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    New English tv show :)

    Hi i wanted to let you know that on e tv there is a Childrens tv show, its for Turkish kids to learn English and also good for English kids living here. Its a short show 30 mins and has different parts to it to suit eveyone story time and song time for English kids, learning time for Turkish...
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    Help need Turkish_English jokes etc

    Hi all i have been given the job of doing a part in a newsletter for English childen who want to learn Turkish but i cant find anything fun that is in both English and Turkish. İ an looking for jokes, foods recipes for kids and cartoons if anyone knows any website i would be over the moon please...
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    Can a put a uk cheque into turkish bank?

    Hi all i was wondering what to do as my hubby has just got a tax rebate cheque but the problem is we are no longer in the uk and we are unsure about what to do with it, does anyone know if we could put into his Turkish bank or what we could do thanks
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    Hi i am having a few problems and need help pleaseeeee My friend is coming to Marmaris in september and is staying at the club green dream hotel, i will go and visit her for 2 nights and her hotel is full so i have found 2 hotels Marmaris deniz hotel and rosy apart i need to find the number of...
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    Coming to marmaris soon

    Hi i am looking for a b&b for 2 or 3 nights in early september does anyone know of any phone numbers. Near club green dream or be able to walk there would be good thanks.
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    work permit help

    Hi i know there are lots on here about work permits but cant find the answer that i need. İ want to know how long does it take for a employer to get a work permit. (English teacher) İs everything done but the employer? ps this is not for me i am lucky that i have a kimlik but our school would...
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    Trains and buses in Turkey

    Hi i am trying to book a train or bus from Kayseri to marmaris in september but each site is in Turkish and i cant understand it lol does anyone know of any bus or train sites in English thanks emma
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    Advice needed

    Hi i work in a school here in Turkey and am in need of advice, its a bit of a rant but here we go. When i first started at the school 5 months ago i could tell the other teachers didnt like me being there but i smiled tryed to talk etc. 2 of them hated each other too so i didnt talk to one of...
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