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  • Hi Arlene,sorry we missed you today we got to Jolly about 3.30 and they said you had been in already.
    Hope you have safe journey see you next year.
    Arlene, best wishes to the whole family for a wonderful Christmas and super New year, hope you enjoy. See you soon again in Ballymena I hope. Love Sharon xxxxxxx
    arlene just saw your message here.love the rugby.from tyrone here so more into gaelic football.we know nothing of the hurling but love watching it too.great game.soccer comes in a distant way behind all the above.where abouts ye from?malachi
    Just got your message today , Thank you for the greeting . When we are out , we are in the Altinkum area .
    Thank you for the lovely gesture of adding me as a friend, I will try my best to live up to our friendship, many thanks!!! Take care!! Sharon xx
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