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    Turkey building bust?

    Disney castle city sits deserted due to Turkey building bust
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    Tax penalties - our Turkish nightmare continues

    Having sold our last apartment in Turkey last spring, we were happy to close this not so happy chapter of our lives and move back home to Holland. Having been ripped off in Turkey by our builder in a number of ways over a number of years we had hoped to get on with our lives without any more...
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    Is no one worried about Islamification of Turkey?

    Just came across this little snippet of news and once again wondered at the fact that as far as I can tell not many expats are particularly worried about the ongoing islamification of Turkey. Women-only beach to be opened in top Turkish tourism center - LOCAL Do you think it will not continue...
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    Villa-Lux, Villüx or Villalüks - Warning, do not buy from this builder!

    Some of you may already have read my thread on the Side forum about selling up and leaving Turkey. The builder who ripped us off on a number of occasions has moved his activities to the Bodrum area, so I want to send out a warning to those buying property in that area. Do not buy from this man...
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    Apartment sold, leaving Turkey...

    After 14 years of property ownership in Turkey, we have decided to call it a day and last week sold our apartment in Ilica, near Side. We made a big loss on it, but are happy and relieved we can finally draw a line under our Turkish adventure. What started as a love affair with Turkey all those...
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    For sale living room suite, washing machine, fridge freezer and wardrobe

    I have just bought the entire contents of someone's apartment to help furnish our new place. However, we do already have some things ourselves, so here is a list of items I would like to sell: 1 Arcelik silver washing machine, hardly used, 100 Euro 1 Regal fridge freezer, tall model, as good...
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    Nespresso machine

    Just wondering if it is worth bringing a Nespresso machine with me to Turkey? Can you buy the little capsules anywhere and if so are they more or less the same price as everywhere else?
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    flying to Izmir to buy Ikea furniture

    Hi all, I will shortly be furnishing a four bed duplex apartment in Ilica. It may be a crazy idea, but having spent a lot of time looking around the local furniture shops and despairing of the white lacquer, diamond studding, mirrors, leaves, flowers and tassels on everything, I am now...
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    P.o.a. possible for buyer and seller?

    A friend of mine wants to sell her apartment and has found a (non Turkish) buyer for it. However, not living in Turkey herself, the question she has is whether it is possible to give power of attorney to one and the same person in Turkey to represent both the buyer and the seller to carry out...
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    Side Culture and Art Festival July 23 - September 17

    The annual Side Culture and Art Festival starts next weekend. According to this article in the Huriyet performances will take place in the antique theatre and near the Apollo Temple. Hope many of you will be able to enjoy the concerts. Last year a number of performances were completely for...
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    Our Ilica Park apartments all sold

    The five apartments we used to own in Ilica Park, Ilica, are now all sold. I owe a big thank you to my Dutch estate agent, Turkije Woningen, who sold three of them, Anita from Turkey Property Shop in Side who sold one, and our builder who also helped us find a buyer, rather than to push one of...
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    Turkish Lira under fire

    It is always difficult to make predictions on the development of exchange rates, but judging by this article, it might be wise not to exchange your Pounds or Euros for Turkish Lira just at the moment, as the Lira is expected to drop further...
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    Links golf course in Colakli/Side?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a links golf course in the Colakli/Side area, and if so where is it exactly? I keep reading on the internet that there is supposed to be one (the only one in Turkey bla bla bla), but I have been unsuccessful so far in finding more information, a website, etc. We...
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    Press freedom in Turkey sadly lacking

    The latest annual freedom of the press index by the international group Reporters Without Borders has ranked Turkey 138th among 175 countries, just above Ethiopia and Russia, and 16 spots lower than last year. Very disappointing and sad news indeed. Freedom of press in Turkey at historic low -...
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    Violin Concert at Side Antique Amphitheater

    Tonight at 21.30 hrs there will be a concert at the Side Amphitheatre by violinist Jozsef Lendvay playing Tjaikowsky's violin concerto on his centuries' old Stradivarius violin. Entrance to the concert is free. A chance to enjoy some beautiful music in an even more beautiful setting under the...
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