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  • Hi Joan, I don't think this sort of thing is covered by the Condeminium Law. It is more a question of sitesi rules and how they are enforced (sadly in my experience mostly they are not!). I think the only thing you can do is talk to your site manager and bring it up as a point during the owners annual meeting. Having said that, I am of course quite happy to send you a translation. Please send me an email on elsmarshall@hotmail.com, so I can reply to it and attach the document. Good luck with your battle. Els
    Hi els i have just been reading past posts about sitesi laws and came across yours.Do you have a copy of the sitesi laws.I have a copy of the part about the management side but i havent got a copy of the owners rights. We live on a sitesi of 21 houses we have got one owner who has two dogs which are just left to run wild and free around the site.They bark constantly and the dog muck is everywhere.When we first bought our house we were told that all pets must be kept in the home or tied up on the balcony.We are the only english people to live on this site permently the rest are turkish and its a very close knit community if you know what i mean.We would like to know our facts before we approach the subect with the site manager,who is turkish!.We have asked the lady who owns the dogs can she keep them in but no joy.Any help appreciated.Thanks Joan
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