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  • Oh I agree 1. It is very hard work and 2. Creative is easily the best enamel. Used to only be able to buy Creative wholesale through them direct but now there are websites. Sally in USA sell them but UK aren't allowed. Yes the conversation used to become repetitive and most customers were the mums from the extremely expensive private school very near me. Oh boy were they self centred! Inane conversation beggared belief. All the best Debbie x
    Well done you!

    I got a generic NVQ, now use IBD for Gel, Creative for Enamel, Cuccio for pedi/man and ABC for Waxing. Wouldnt do anything else now, very rewarding if not tiring lol! Most people are happy to talk to my forehead though he he
    Just read your post on waxing!!! I did the Creative nails course, (only lasted just over a year as all that sitting I could not be doing with) which brand do you use ?

    I think I loved the learning and studying more than the doing. Love learning new things. It was very technical so dreaded the exam but came top with 97.3% was stunned and relieved. But I'm not business minded and let the customers dictate too much.

    I only do natural manicures now for family and friends.
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