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  • Welcome to Karabag Colin, I hope you are settling in OK.
    That must be the row of newly built with the pools in front opposite the shop, am I right ?
    My son Lee and I will be out on the 21st for five weeks, you may see him walking into town, bald head always without a shirt, he frequents the Local Bar and La Villa beach.
    I get the bus down due to a gammy leg, again, fat, bald, beard and walking stick and frequent the La Villa beach.
    Hope to see you there.
    hi Dracy we have moved to karabag december 2011... we live higher than the unfinished hotel and below the mosque the road opposite the shop.... i know so many.. but hey we may see you around as i see you only have 16 days!!!!!! regards
    Hi Colin,
    Greetings from Darlington.
    It depends on which part of Karabag you are starting from, we are right at the very top in upper Karabag, second from last on the road to the windmills and it is about 30 minutes walk into town from there.
    To get to the Marina by the side roads probably about 20 minutes bypassing the town center.
    Walking from lower Karabag is probably 10 minutes less than these times.

    Where in Turgutreis are you moving to ?.
    hi there soon to move to tergutries from redcar... is karabag about 20 walk to the centre and the marina..? many thanks colin
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