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  • Hi Denise! Thanks for your reply. Just to let you know sweethoney has arranged to rehome Mollie Mop (now Lola). We are taking her to Marmaris at the weekend!!
    sorry to bother you do you still live in turgutreis as mentiond in a thread i read today. if so i wowuld like to ask a couple if questions if i may.. look forward to your reply with keen interest. colin.
    Hi1 İ hope İ can figure this posting business İ really hate the internet as it takes up too much of my time but İ guess it is a necessary evil. Thank you for your interest in our rescue group. İ will be working for three mos of the summer so will not be available but will keep abreast by phone and mails.
    Hi Denise
    İ agree with your comments re advertising, but you are on a losing battle with the expats in Yalikavak, they change their allegance to restaurants like normal people change their underwear and are always willing to shoot you down in flames if you don't agree with them and the forum mediators let them do it for some reason.
    Belated Birthday wishes Denise.

    Hope your day went well

    Best Wishes :52:
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