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  • Hi there, I am currently living down in Yalikavak, but come the first week of January I will be up in Izmir, visiting universities looking to teach/lecture there--I teach English 2nd Language, adults. I'm American, btw. LOL! Hoping to move up there within the month. I would love to join your new group. Is this the forum to stay on top of your meetings? Looking forward to meeting up soon, Karen Wilson
    Hi Greg, Steve here. We had a long summer and fall in the summer home, finally returned home last week to Karsiyaka. How is it going? Hope all is well with your family. I am now a Turkish citizen, lol! Going to Canada on Monday night to spend 11 days with my dad for Christmas. Just thought I would say hi. Cheers, Steve
    hi there,

    someone told me you were looking for a bike trainer? if thats true i have a brand new one available if your interested?

    Hi de1amo,

    I live in karsiyaka like u ,I need learn a this language and I need to practice, free time for you if you drink two beers at your posts. my shout
    Hi Greg.Hope all good with you, me never better, been enjoying the Sunshine,it is going to change on Tues will drop a line sometime soon after that:)
    Take it easy........Mo x
    its for my turkish in laws-i was toying with renting but its estabilishing where we want to rent in the area to give it a fair chance--from the ariel shot i dont feel didm is right but that was recommended by Carolk--i have a leaning towards maveshir for appearence but i am interested in anywhere that has a bit of life in winter that independent people dwell in!--getting under the skin is impossible when you view it on a sunny summers day! Greg
    Hi Greg, I live here in Akbuk all year it is slowly becomming a more lively place throuout the winter .I personally would not want to live in Didim but thats just my views why dont you just rent here for a while to get a feel for the place??

    Hugs Maggie xx
    its odd on sahibinden everything seems in kusadasi aydin they seem to be very sparing on location details-we just need 3 beds not on anymore than 2 floors--kozy as the turks like to say!--a garden is a must for pottering mum in law--nothing grand!!
    Hi Greg. Many of the villas in the town centre are 200K TL and above...but you could get something for that price out near ladies beach which has it's own shops, restaurants etc. have a look at sahibinden.com for a better idea of what can be bought.
    Hi Charlotte
    İ hope you survived the weekend and your youngest is better?
    İts a wicked climate for getting chills and fevers! i am all recovered and back to normal thankfully.
    My wife put an end to the great wills debate--she inherits everything i have here without contest without recourse to courts or my family in the uk!!-there is sense in the law here.-my uk property will have to be will'd as normal.-i dont think under turkish laws there is much family fighting but its the uk law thats causes that--if you die without a will!-something i have to address because i would hate it going to my siblings and not my wife!!
    Seems we have gone back to the winter weather-they say here the 1st half of march often sees a blast of winters last 'sting' and then summer blasts in--i wait in hope!--its 4 months though til the school breaks up and no holidays til then so it gets a bit sweaty!!
    right its time to get ready for the week ahead-seems lots of people want chatting to these days!- x
    hi Greg,
    I'm not concerned about Wills. I think it's a down right shame we even need them. I mean, why can't you TRUST your own family to as you wish?? Why do families fight amongst themselves over property and money?? It's really upsetting. I can understand why your wife gets upset.
    Hope you're feeling better now, my youngest has a fever today..not helped by the fact that we're doing house renovations and the place litterally looks like a bomb has hit it.
    Hope your weekends going better than mine!

    Take care
    its a man's cold!!-i get no slack and have work later on!!
    Got me rather concerned this talk about wills!if i even hint of such talk with my wife she gets upset because her father is recovering from cancer-i am concerned that her mother will be affected by these daft laws and it will all come down on me to squirm in control of matters as the man of the family--my wife is the only child for 3 wills and i have no wish to become inherant by marriage under these laws!!-i also dont wont my siblings or children to inherit from me because they are all 'rich'enough!!--i can see me disbarring them all from receiving anything from my will so the turkish courts can distribute it here--i cant see a will in the uk holding much weight in this society--it may even be regarded differently between the sexes again!!who ever said life was fair--babble on Greg x
    hi Greg,
    I tend to babble on when meeting native english speaking friends. Think it's a british trait??
    R.E colds and the weather. Sorry to hear about your cold.
    I remember smuggly rolling my eyes at my mother in laws attempts to warn me about walking around the house with bare feet...'you'll catch a cold' she'd say. Now I realise it's not just a turkish old wives tale and us brits aren't as tough as we think *or else Turkey's making us soft!*

    You should visit Sigacik one Sunday, it's when the village market is on and the atmosphere is great.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Hi Charlotte
    İt does seem rather fitful this season -ksk swings from luke warm to very chilly--and more rain than i seem to remember in years past- last year we were sitting outside sunning ourselves in 23c in january -no such luck this year. -i have just developed a cold after getting wet on saturday night after a very short dash home on my motorbike-i find myself more sensitive to the cold and wet than i used to be back in the uk.-i was also hoping that having gas central heating fiitted recently would see the end of my seasonal chills -sadly not!
    Be great to come over to see you and yours-i seem totally emerged in a life with friends of my wife-i get to speak English all day every day with students but never with a compatriot from back home-im sure i mentally slow my speech in recognition of them being Turkish!-so i expect i will gabble on when meeting a true Brit lol
    Right now to send this mail and see it disappear as not sent! Greg xx
    Hey Greg, yes the weather is amazing at the moment. It certainly does feel like spring...though I'm not naive enough to believe that's the last of the cold weather we'll see before summer (do you remember last year?!)

    You should definitely come down to Sigacik and visit.
    It's a lovely place, come and have some fish and raki (lots of Izmirites visit during the weekends) the fish market is famous in these parts and the calamar caught locally. Plus you'll be able to indulge in a trip across Izmir bay to get here from KS!
    Look forward to meeting up,
    take care,

    i know you have set up a business but is that typical for the expats who bathe in the sun--Kusadasi seems viable from what you say--butb what do people do in the non viable places-i know only of eski foca and cesme in Turkey and there is little life and no work come winter to keep the soul happy-what kind of all year round rental would you expect to pay for a 3 bed house with shaded garden which would be close to the centre and the sea?i only know eski foca and that is a turkish resort and i pay 550tl on a rolling contract--its 110m2 but classic!!--how do you heat your home??--people dont seem to use air cons for heating from what i gauge in the conversations on here! thanks for the reply--sorry to have so many questions but i am a curious soul! Greg
    Hi Greg. Kusadasi's nice in the winter...a lot less people around and the weather is generally quite nice. Quite a big local population here so we're not the typical resort were everything closes down at the end of the season :)
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