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    Wanted: Villa or Apartment Rental- Gundogan or Yalikavak

    Wanted: Villa or Apartment Rental- Gundogan or Yalikavak Small villa or apartment rental wanted for two people in Gundogan or Yalikavak for Sep 3 to Sep 11- Please reply to with location and rent etc.
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    Financial Services

    Turkey Buoying Greece Is National Bank’s Strategy (Update2) Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A By Niklas Magnusson and Mark Bentley May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Greece’s biggest bank is relying on Turkey to pull it through an economic crisis at home. National Bank of...
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    Beware the Latest Scams

    One scam is where the developer and their marketıng agents sell a porperty to more than one buyer- for example by takibg a deposit and avance payuments from 3 or 4 people for the same proeprty Then whoever pays up first gets the property and the other 3 or 4 are told they were too late but they...
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    Work from Home?

    There's an opportunity for someone that has a braodband work station to part time batchwork on their own hours working from home. What else is needed? Mentally alert. Good with MS Office. Self organised and motivated. Good learner. Paiıence. PM for more ınformation. Oh...also need to be...
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    Buyer Beware- Habitation License & Mortgage Scam

    The scam is apparently attracting an accellerating number of unsuspecting victims and so I have been asked to report it here. A UK sales agent sells a property to a UK buyer with advance payment terms and a final payment due on completion, with the promise of an easy mortgage for the buyer...
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    What is a TAPU? - Explained

    Re: Irtifaki clarification please If your property is registered on the registration book at the land registry with your name as the owner, then you own it. Dont confuse TAPU with title deed- it is not a deed- it is simply a government agency certificate (the land registry) testifying to the...
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    The Law eventually catches up...

    Usually "The Law" eventually catches up...everywhere...Turkey is no exception...tell the Mayor and your friends at the local Belediye.... Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- As an urban planning adviser in the sun- drenched Spanish resort town of Marbella, Juan Antonio Roca had after- tax income of less than...
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    Dubai Speculators Quit as Lending Drought Bursts Desert Bubble

    Dubai Speculators Quit as Lending Drought Bursts Desert Bubble Email | Print | A A A By Glen Carey Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- The classified ads in Dubai read like an obituary for a real-estate market that until a few months ago seemed immune from the global credit crisis. A Turkish...
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    From Meltdown to Ice Age Theres always room for an optimist with spin

    With the economy in meltdown and the financial sector frozen into a new ice age thank goodness for the optimistic hype of the spin doctors....article follows.... No Turmoil in Turkey as real estate sector expands New research from Cater Allen Private Bank, part of Banco Santander, found that...
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    Bodrum Property Wanted

    Two bed apartment or bungalow wanted up to GBP 55,000 Must NOT be on on a sitesi or recently built white washed apartment complex Must have full İskan Can be re-sale and can be an older property Charm and character required Bodrum Peninsula ONLY - no Tuzla Agents welcome Please pm me
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    R2i Ready-to-Invest

    Does anyone know if or where there are threads on this forum about the fiascos this company is involved in with its developments in Bodrum and Istanbul?
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    Didim Short Term Let

    Looking for a very sensibly priced apartment to rent beginninmg Aug 8th Must be a very secure apartment Preferably with bars on windows and security door Must have broadband internet connection in place and ready Will rent for periods in August and September and possibly longer if sutiable...
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    Loan Sharking

    Ive just seen an advertisement on this forum from Provident Personal Financial or something similiar offering loans at an APR of 183%. Surely this type of product offering is in not in the interest of many people of this on-line community, and presumably the monitors will see to it vanishing...
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    Russian for Glory

    Congratulations to all Russians for a fine footballing win over the Dutch- and commiserations with the latter....
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    General Economic Malaise

    Betting on black swans in an uncertain world Saturday, June 21, 2008 ‘The Black Swan,’ a radical perspective at today’s world and economy, became a best-seller after the subprime mortgage crisis erupted. That was precisely the type of ‘black swan’ that its author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb warned...
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