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    Olivium Villas

    Hi, Just a quick one to see if any of the members on here have the contact details for the owner of number 6? If so could you please get in touch via pm. Thanks in advance.
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    Naming our baby

    Hi All, 5 Weeks ago myself and my partner had our 1st child. I am British and she is Turkish (we are unmarried), the baby was born in Turkey. Does anybody know the legal stance on giving our baby an English 1st name? We wish to call him Robbie Koray. I have been advised by the Consulate etc...
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    DNA Test

    Hi, Does anybody in the Dalaman area know where it's possible to have a parental DNA test for the Consulates Newborn Passport application? We've tried the local hospital and the private hospital in Ortaca but to no avail. Many Thanks in advance.
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    Dalaman on BBC tonight?

    Tonights 'Who do you think you are?' is featuring Boris Johnstone, who is tracing the roots of his Turkish Grandfather. I don't know how much truth there is in it, but I'm led to believe this was the reason behind his recent trip to Dalaman.
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