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  • Hi Alison. I hope that you don't mind me sending you a private message. I noticed on a search re changing the names on a Tapu that you mentioned that your office had recently dealt with one by way of power of attorney. We require similar due to a seperation and I am buying my partner out. Does your office do these sort of things or am I barking up the wrong tree. Regards Nigel . Private email. nigeldavis@hotmail.co.uk
    Hi Ruth, Just to let you know we are out in Dalaman from the 3rd June. Don't suppose you have had any interest in our apartment? Will come and see you when we arrive.
    Lesley & Michael Forshaw
    Hi Ruth! Do I need a copy of the prospective property in order to do the military search?
    Dear Dalaman,
    I need your help.Kindly reply to my e-mail as to whether you can help me or not.
    I'm only winding you up Ruth. Make sure the kettles on next Thursday and we will see you in the morning.
    Best regards Steve & Mags
    Hello Ruth
    Thanks for the info regarding buying a bed just can't seem to get away from you. See you soon.
    Ragman17 aka Steve (Scotland)
    Hi Ruth,
    I am sorry to say that Steve was buried in Dalyan yesterday. I am not sure what I will do now but no doubt I will make some decisions eventually. Thank you for your thoughts.
    Hi Ruth, Steve and I were sorry to have missed the last two breakfasts. Steve is very ill and we have to go up and down to Izmir by bus (I don't drive!) for his treatment, which takes a lot out of both of us. We may be able to get to a get together sometime in December if he is up to it and can walk a bit. Let me know when they are planned for please. I hope you are keeping well, Sandra and Steve
    Hi Ruth

    I've been given a load of books, would you like them for your book sale? I've got a car at the moment so can drop them into your office one day next week.

    Hi Dalaman Deli,
    We are new to the forum and finding our way around. We really hope you don't mind us making contact; you come highly recommended as a well informed member. I am in fact looking for guidance. We hope to become residents up at Lakeside, Akkaya and if everything goes to plan we take ownership of our re-sale (although tapu still in builder's name) Lakeview villa next month.
    However, we are troubled by several off-putting posts regarding the difficulty some buyers have had in the Akkaya Valley in getting their tapus and habitation certificates. I have heard that possibly nobody up there has hab. certs. Are we worrying needlessly? Is there any way one can check whether the Hab. cert. has been applied for? Or have most people at Lakeview now got their papers? - it would be very useful to get an up to date picture if you have one. Again, sorry for troubling you but we'd be very grateful for your "expert" view.
    Bye for now,
    Phil n Beck
    hi ruth, its viv how are things in dalaman,,, not been on tlf for ages getting withdrawals not being in turkey..........
    just looking at an old post of yours and thinking i haven't seen you post for a while...unless you have and i missed it..the front page goes so quickly nowadays blink and its all changed hah..i hope you and your family are all well over the coming season and beyond. xxx
    Hi DD, just like to wish you and your family a very merry xmas & a very prosperous new year.
    It's snowing here , i just love it,
    take care Ruth and all the best for 2010.

    Jeannie & Ian
    Hi Ruth,

    Yes, I met Ann. Thanks. I shall either get in touch with her (and Sally) or wait until the end of the summmer!

    Kolay Gelsin!

    Hi Ruth

    How are you?

    Do you think it would be a little too hot now for our 'Spa Day' or are you too busy? I'm only here for 10 days I go to UK/Italy 26th June and come back 6th July for a month.

    Hi Ruth,

    I have sent you an urgent email on behalf of another Olivium owner.

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