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    Boris - Tories - What now? Absolute corrupt scum
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    Watch The Lira Now

    Anything from 18 - 25 TL for a draft Tuborg or Efes here on Altinkum Seafront and less in the bars up town
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    Watch The Lira Now

    We are blessed and are able to spend roughly 9 months in Turkey and 3 in Spain. Prices have risen significantly in Turkey but this is countered by the exchange rate which we benefit from but unfortunately the locals don't We still find the restaurant food prices far cheaper here in Turkey...
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    Football going forward

    Game Over for the so called European Super League......looking forward to see what punishments are dished out
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    Football going forward

    No relegation and invite only.....European Super League my a**e....... The whole thing is based around greed and nothing else Inter Milan - No title in 10 years (ok they are gonna win this years) Arsenal - No title in 17 years Man U - No title in 8 years Tottenham - No title in 60 years...
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    Question Moving to Turkey, would you do it again...?

    Hairybeanbag A lot of people use and speak very highly of Reality Estate agents who are part of the Voices newspaper but we have't used them ourselves. Don't think you can go far wrong with them as they have a good name in the resort Good luck in your search but tread very carefully if you do...
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    Question Moving to Turkey, would you do it again...?

    We've been living in Altinkum, Turkey for 3 1/2 years now and absolutely love it and have no regrets. We don't do the full winter though and are fortunate enough to be able to spend Jan - March elsewhere so we have spent time Nerja in Spain for 3 months, 3 months in the Algarve, Portugal and...
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    Absolutely Altinkum

    Mushtaq can you advise how I can get back onto AA as despite getting my password re set I can't log in again. I've tried getting a new password and even registering under a different name (I am St Domingo on AA) but all to no avail, so currently i'm an ex AA member:Cry::Cry:
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    Boris Car Crash Interview

    The TLF Klan are remarkably quiet today about Boris's bumbling interview on Radio 4 yesterday. Wonder if/when they wake from their slumber, they will give him the same treatment they dished out re Diane Abbott (who I think was rightly slated BTW for her interviews) :42::hearnoevi
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    Missing Thread

    I started a thread called Keyboard Warrior last night but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared :hmm: Can any of the mods shed any light on this?
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    Beer in Turkey

    On our latest visit to Altinkum it was good to see that the range of beers/lagers on offer is growing and you now have more of a choice. Alongside 'normal' Efes you now have Efes White, Efes Amber, Efes Red, Efes Malt, Efes Pilsner and Efes Bomonti then you've got Tuborg Gold and Amber also a...
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    Kelvin McKenzie Petition

    Petition regarding Kelvin McKenzie and the Sun Some may wish to sign ........some may not
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    What A Perfect Day

    Yesterday started like any other Saturday with the added bonus of the result of the Labour Leadership race to be announced. I had 3 wishes but surely they couldn't all come true: Midday arrived Corbyn landslide announced...... get in there one down 2 to go:) Now the big one and yes that came...
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    New Name

    Can anyone advise how i can change my log in name from croftj?
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