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    Government insurance and prescriptions.

    Went to the Yucelen 12 days ago and the doctor prescribed some tablets. Took the prescription to the chemist by the Yucelen - gave me them straight away and cost 5tl. Went back last Thursday 12th and he increased my dosage and some B12 injections. which meant we needed another prescription for...
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    2 items for sale.

    Car seat and push chair for sale, both items have only been used for 2 weeks and are totally unmarked. Paid 200 lira for the car seat and 250 lira for the push chair, both for sale, 100 lira each, no offers. Transport can be arranged at cost.PM me if interested. Located in Koycegiz. Car seat is...
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    Help !!!!!

    I am reasonably intelligent, or so they tell me. I have been trying for 4 hours to add an attachment to a new posting. How do I attach a file to a post? To attach a file to your post, you need to be using the main 'New Post' or 'New Thread' page and not 'Quick Reply'. To use the main 'New Post'...
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    No eurovision song contest tonight

    It has been reported in a number of publications that TRT television channel refused to broadcast the Eurovision S.C. tonight because of a lesbian kiss during the Finnish song. I look forward every year to a good laugh and shouting at the TV when the results are announced, my evening is...
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    Google earth

    Every time I log onto Google Earth, it starts to load up and then shuts my computer down and automatically reboots immediately. I have uninstalled and re-installed Google Earth and no different. Does anyone else have the same problem or has an answer to the problem. I also lose my log in...
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    THE MIND OF A 4 year old

    When I was in the UK over Xmas I had a major heart attack and literally died twice when my heart stopped. That is the background to this posting and today I received the following e-mail from my daughter. Hi Had some interesting discussion with Isobel last few days, as some of the stuff they...
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    Eye test........... Double take

    My wife and I went for an eye test last week, went in together and was handed both prescriptions after the tests. Went to the Opticans, chose our new glasses and told they would be ready today. Went to collect them today, my wife tried hers on, blimey they are strong, can't see anything out...
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    The last time I went to Izmir was 8yrs ago, I need to go in a few weeks time and it will probably be another 8yrs before I go again. I was told to use a Bank to be issued with the necessary "Motorway Card" which you stick on your windscreen and the details of your journey are automatically taken...
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    Smoking in dalaman airport

    A friend who has just gone through the Airport tells me there are 2 Smoking Areas in the Airport, 1 after the 1st Security check ( booking area) and 1 after Passport Control. They weren't there 3 weeks ago when I went through the Airport. !!!!!!!!!! Probably got fed up of all the cigarette...
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    HELP!!!!, please

    For the past 2/3 months I have been unable to copy and paste Links onto Forums, eg Mail on Line to TLF. Been on Yahoo Answers and it is telling me that the problem is Yahoo, "Because I am on Level 1, Yahoo has installed a program to stop Level 1 users copying/pasting Links due to Spammers." Is...
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    HELP !!!!, Where are these Appartments ?

    Need some help, I am going to visit friends who are staying in "The Blue Lagoon Apartments", the address is 4134 SOKAK, 147 CADDESI No.2, AKBUK, DIDIM, AYDIN. Never been to the area, so does anyone know where they are situated, do I drive from Altinkum?, been on Google Earth, can't make any...
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    Broken down

    Driving towards Kizilyaka today there is a long upwards hill, halfway up was someone pushing a motorbike, it was a motorbike policeman pushing a 300kg BMW . As BMW's don't normally break down I assume he had run out of fuel. The road was quite busy and not one motorist stopped, me included...
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    Flights to uk for xmas.

    Have been looking for flights from Dalaman to UK over Xmas, the only flight,Thomas Crook, I found was to Gatwick,and we want to go to Birmingham, price...............wait for it..........732 Euros each plus extra charges, do they assume I am a moron, would rather not go to the UK. However, we...
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    We have a Stork building a nest on the Electric Pylon, 15 metres away from our bedroom, how quaint you are thinking, don't be fooled, the bloody thing is clacking its beak all night and waking us up, bring back the Ramadan Drummer. :42:
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    Thanks to the yucelen hospital and bag kur

    I just have to hand out some bouquets to the above for the way I was dealt with recently. Will try to keep it short, for the past few months I have had a cramp in my right calf which got worse if I walked 50 metres, so last Tuesday I decided to go to the Yucelen in Ortaca, explained the problem...
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