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    Shipping Samsung phone to Turkey

    A friend is buying one in his own country to ship it to my address here - will it get held up in customs, or will I have to pay extra? Thanks in advance!
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    Camera store

    Is there a store in Manavgat that sells professional cameras, or do I need to venture to Antalya or Alanya to find one? Thanks!
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    Automatic appointments

    The system is not letting us choose an appointment time anymore. What's the rough waiting time until the appointment? I still need to get insurance in the post and rental agreement notarized, and I need to complete the application before Tuesday when my visa runs out. I'm hoping I don't get...
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    Noter needed!

    I need my rental agreement to be notarized for my RP permit. How much will this cost, where can I find a noter and do I need to make an appointment? Thanks in advance :)
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    Document with fathers name

    The tutorial video for a RP says I need to provide a document which shows my fathers name if it's not on my passport (it's not on an Irish passport from what I can see). Will this actually be asked for?
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    Insurance and RP

    I already have travel insurance through Revolut - whose policy does not include: "This policy covers the minimum coverage for the general health insurance for private health insurances to be made on visa and residence permit requests dated 10.05.2016" Does this mean I need to go and insure...
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    Physiotherapist in Side or Manavgat area?

    Does anybody know an English speaking physio for sports injury in Side / Manavgat? Thanks as always! :)
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    Tax advisor recommendation?

    Can anybody recommend a highly regarded tax advisor here in Turkey, with international experience? Thanks in advance!
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    Apple store

    Is there anywhere nearby to buy a macbook charger? Thanks in advance :)
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    Public bus to Pamukkale

    Is there a direct way to get there? All of the tours we found either stop in lots of shops or restaurants along the way, we would like to get there directly - is this possible? Thanks :)
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    Fixing iPhone X screen

    Does anybody know if it's possible to do this cheaply in Turkey? I'm being quoted over €250 online. Thanks!
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    Buying tickets for a Turkish club game.

    I want to buy 2 tickets for Alanyaspor Vs Fenerbache this Sunday 21st April (3 days from now). What's the most efficient way to get them? I don't live in Alanya so can't get to the stadium until a few hours before kick off. Thanks!
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    6 month rental

    Looking to rent a place in Side for 6 months - where's the best place to source different options? Thanks guys :)
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    Football team to join

    I just moved to Side for the rest of the year and would like to join a football team. Does anybody the best place to source one? Thanks :)
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    Buying Pharmacy goods online

    Are there any good sites for this? The main thing I need is Eucerin - a lotion that I have yet to find anywhere in Turkey. Thanks :)
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