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    Idris curtains,Akbuk

    Dose anyone remember the guy who had the curtain shop in Akbuk, think his name was Idris, he had two brothers helping him out at one time. I know he sold the business and maybe he has now moved from the area but if anyone out there has a contact number, text or email details I could have I...
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    well done MBNA

    Just want to say i have just had my money paid back into my account, that is money owed for flights i no longer have due to the failure of Aegean. So well done MBNA for not hanging about.
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    "am i the only one"

    I am sitting here reading the threads on this forum after a day of getting wet, cold and feeling miserable after hearing/reading news of the day,you know the sort i mean,prices going up staff being laid off,killings of one sort or the other. As i say i am now sitting hear reading some of these...
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    "just booked flights"

    Hi Everyone, just booked flights with flythomascook from ema for september for a three week stay this time, £360 inc cr card charges £13, for 2 Adults. We, like a number of you will be over to set up our new apartment in Akbuk and look forward to many long stays. best wishes to...
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    coming over

    just booked a flight to bodrum,march4th for one week,looking for somewhere to stay,b&b or a Pansiyon (pension) would prefer Akbuk If possible,for one person only.Any suggestions would be welcome,just need somewhere to lay my head at night. manythanks countryboy
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    can anyone tell me anything about the Mandalya Site,in Akbuk and also is there anyone on the Forum buying there. manythanks countryboy
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    New to Turkish Living

    Hello everyone. Just introducing myself to the forum, we are currently in the process of buying a property in Akbuk, Mandalya Properties off plan. Got to wait 12 months or more, something to look forward to, although wish it was sooner. My family and I have been to Turkey on many occasions...
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