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  • Thanks Yasemin3, it is good isn't it? It isn't me though as you have guessed but struck me as ideal as I do not like any photos of me that I have,so searched the internet to find one that matched my personality.

    Take care

    Your picture that you have looks exactly like my elderly family member who is sitting across from me now, same stance, clothing, etc. Uncanny; just thought I'd share that piece of trivia with you as it has struck me funny on many a night. Take Care. Yasemin3
    I thought it was rather fetching but I may take your advice. It's just sooooo comfy as you can see!

    My name is Pam. I shall be watching the world cup for most matches, so if not in Kelebek I shall be in my other fave bars, Osmans (Kosem) or Korelis.

    Whats your name? mines obvious, don't fancy asking Ken if there's a man/woman called cokdeli in the bar!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you. Soon be catching me up by the looks of it lol

    Best Wishes

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