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  • You have calmed me down haha!!
    Seriously I am just one purchaser being honest and I do agree with you.
    I would certainly start to sort things yourself and forget about the agent.
    We did the council tax,water and electric ourselves because like you,we got pissed off with waiting for one of our agents staff to have "time" to take us. He could sit about drinking coke though!!
    After we had trawled around to them all over 3 days,we told the agent we had sorted it and they neednt worry and the relief was culpable in their faces!!
    Once you have paid for it the interest in your welfare drops away!!
    All the best
    Hi, it's fine don't worry. It's nice to have so many replies to consider. I'm getting really fed up of the whole thing now and wish we'd never bought it. The bills keeping mounting up, nothing is selling and the flights are getting too expensive to make it a viable short holiday visit.
    I think that new utility connections are cheaper than transferring from builder to buyer, that's where the difference in prices comes from. Although I think I will take myself off to the Belidye when we visit and check this out for myself as I'm starting to believe our agent is taking the complete piss out of me.
    Hi Claire
    I apologise for getting so annoyed at all this and mucking up your thread.
    All these issues are occurring far too often to be isolated cases.
    Some agents are really nice but I promise you we paid a bond deposit for the water (Think it was 150 lira or something but certainly under 100 quid and the electric was free and we bought a new build in Fethiye.
    Thats max £100 for both but perhaps different in places.
    Please excuse my volatility Lol.
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