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  • Hi - just checking in to see if you're still interested in being a guest blogger.

    Based on your profile... you live in Bodrum and you like writing - so that make you perfect to be a guest blogger!

    As for tips about blogging:
    - what activities or pastimes are you passionate about? If you start there, then it'll be easy to identify what you should write about.

    Based on some of your forum posts... what about walking routes on the peninsula that you've done, or events or locations you've attend.

    Depending on your writing style you can create different types of blog posts.

    I don't know much about Bodrum - I have only stayed there once. All of the other times, I stay up near Gumusluk, and only visit Bodrum for a day. So if you know it well - it would be great to have you share info about Bodrum.

    Here's my email if you want to contact me directly:


    thanks, Jay
    Hi -- glad to hear your up to the challenge. You can write about anything to do with the Bodrum area. You can send a Top 5 list, or a Waxing Lyrical List. Our just put together a few paragraphs about what you like about the area, or if there are specific places or activities you like.

    My name's Jay by the way...
    Hi -- I was wondering if you'd like to share your Top 5 Tips for the Bodrum peninsula, for me to share on my Bodrum Travel Blog? I don't much about the Bodurm area - so it would be good to get some input from somebody who lives in the area.

    Let me know if your interested, and I can send you the link to some other Top 5 posts on my site.

    thanks, Jay
    Hi Chris, have a lovely Christmas Day and wonderful New Year. Take care. Sharon xxxx
    Hello Chris. I've noticed you've been looking at my villa on my website on several occasions and again today.I get all sorts of statistics from it so I know who's looking :)
    Are you interested in any particular dates? I've just reduced the rest of June (only available 19-28) from £500 to £400, if you're interested.
    Best wishes,
    The banks here will run an AUD bank account, Akbank , HSBC at least. I dont know if they have any rep bank in Aus, but contact on-line and see. Do a search too of threads on TLF here, I am sure it must have been discussed, even from a UK poitnt of view. I know it costs money to transfer- but you cant bring it in a suitcase, and it does protect you to show the paper trail for buying property. Also- I have never seen the AUD at a higher exchange rate than now! You are getting very good value for your dollar once you exchange it here!
    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the welcome to the website. We are coming over in May and are trying to tie up a lot of loose ends. One thing we were wondering about is how best to send AUD to Turkey in order to buy an apartment. If we buy YTL we lose a lot of money - have you any ideas on this?
    Thanks muchly!
    Hi Chris
    I have a friend with a villa to rent in Bitez, dogs shouldn't be a problem, let me know what price range your friends are looking at,
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