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    Any deals right now on internet-connection?

    Looking to get an internet-connection established in the next few days and just wondering if there´s any deals to be had. I know there was an offer a while back highlighted on the forum where you could get a tablet for free when signing up for 24 months. I´m located in Alanya if that makes a...
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    Books about Alanya

    Have you read any good books (travel books, history books or others) targeting Alanya (and surrounding area but centered around Alanya) that you can recommend?
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    State Hospital in Side

    Does anyone know of there is a State Hospital available in Side (ps: NOT in Manavgat, I know there´s one there)?
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    TurkeyPropertyPlus, Oracle Property Development - Anyone know of these companies?

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone have any experience dealing with the agent "Turkey propertyplus" and builder "Oracle property development" in Akbuk? Are they trustworthy enough to make an "off plan" deal for building a house (i know that´s a big risk in itself)?
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    Community Meeting in Marmaris by British Council

    There´s supposed to be a meeting in Aqua Hotel (27 Sahil Sokak , ICMELER - MARMARIS) on Thursday at 11:00 am with information regarding: - New Foreigners Law & Adaptation Process - Latest regulations on SGK ( National Health Services ) - Driving Licences - The wills / Legal Procedures on...
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    Long term let, electric/water-bill

    When you rent an apartment long term i´ve understand many people recommend to get the electric/water-subscribtion in the renters name to avoid any problems with non-payment for these services for the owner. How does that work though? If i were to rent a place where the owner has electric &...
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    Siemens instant water heater, any good?

    Has anyone used the new Siemens DE1821415/DE1821515 (w-o/w LED) Electronic instantaneous water heater and has any experience to share? I´m furnishing a 2-bedroom apartment (2 bathrooms with showers) and was thinking of fitting a 65-litre water boiler but noticed this new tankless-product from...
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    Strange new visa/residence rules

    Anybody who have read and understood this: TOURISM - Foreign house buyers to earn one-year residency in Turkey "Residence permits for foreigners that buy real estate in Turkey will be extended from three months to one year, according to an announcement in the Official Gazette." To me this...
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    More VISA-changes

    News from: Antalyacentral Does anyone know if this is true?
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    Grocery stores in Avsallar

    Hi, Just wondering if there´s any big and cheap grocery stores in Avsallar, like KIPA in Alanya?
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    Things to do in Mahmutlar

    If everything falls into place i might be popping down to Mahmutlar for a week later this fall (late september). I have been to Mahmutlar for shorter visits but is not really that familiar with the area. I would like tips and suggestion on what I shouldn´t miss when staying in Mahmutlar (not...
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    Trying to get ahold of Andy

    Didn´t know where to put this thread .. I´m trying to get ahold of Andy, regarding an apartment of his. Seems to have fallen of the earth, hasen´t been on here for a long time and tried e-mailing him but it just bounces. Also haven´t been on his facebook for a year. If anybody know how to get...
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    A place in the sun

    Wasn´t sure where to put this thread, but here goes. I´m from Sweden but i really enjoy watching the british tv-show "A place in the sun" and the follow up series "A place in the sun, home or away". Now i know these are a bit old, the latest home or away show i watched seemed to be filmed in...
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    How to check for loan on property?

    I´ve been reading a lot of threads regarding buying property in Turkey with warnings about the owner taking out a loan with the property as security without the buyers knowing. If i understand correctly this might have been done prior to negotiations but also during, when waiting for the...
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