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    Question Good Dentist in Marmaris

    Hi could you please tell me the address of this practice. I hope to use a good recommended dentist when i come to marmaris. thank you.
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    Question Turkish Resident Visa extension

    Hi i want to be in marmaris for 6 months so i want a extension on my visa. When applying can i pay someone to handle the paperwork and translation in marmaris while i am there,plus how much will it cost. Thank you all for any help.
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    visa 1 year

    thank you
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    visa 1 year

    Hi i will hopefully be coming to marmaris for 6 months i have a house here. i need longer visa than 3 months i heard there is a office in marmaris centre or can i apply from england or on line which would be a lot easier. Anyone who has done this before any help will be appreciated and...
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    Flights dalaman

    Hi i am suppose leave turkey from dalaman on 2nd november i just checked jet2 website flights cancelled.. my holiday is flights only should i try and get a flight home now back to birmingham airport. Thanks helpful tips
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    new hospital

    I just wondered if it was true that they are going to build a hospital in beldibi marmaris. Is it true and if so when will this happen and which part of beldibi
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    transfer money

    hi i need to send £100 to a turkish bank account from england. should i send it in turkish lire or stirling and what is the best way to send the money cheapest safest way. thanks for any help.
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    Hates emlak marmaris

    Hates emlak estate agency marmaris has anyone bought or sold property with this agent. thanks
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    bus fare

    Hello how much does it cost to get mugla from marmaris centre . Do you take a dolmus? what are the bus times. thanks
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    if uk leaves eu what will it mean for the expats in turkey will it make things better or worse. thanks
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