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  • happy birthday ...where are you these days hope you are well and would love your views on RTE now the chips are down take care
    thanks for your message hope you are keeping well...
    yeah...10k time flies a billiards champ is sign of a misspent youth... in my case its potting posts in old age
    hi there you have been missed......hope all is going well for you wherever you lay your hat.happy new year
    Thanks CB - I have looked at Dogan and Erol. Erol's website does not have English Speak option which tells me something. This is right on the beach Kizkuma. Where is Dogan in relation to Kiskuma Beach
    Hi CB - I hope you don't mind but would like to pick your brains on something. I recently took a mini break in Kizkuma beach area and I know this is up your end. I fell in love with it, however, I didn't always feel comfortable as it seems a Turkish Holiday Resort and the natives and motel didn't seem that friendly towards me as a "English". I am planning to go back as when I get a couple of days off from work it is the ideal place to chill out. Internet searches in that area bring up Turkish Family run motels. Nothing wrong with that but can you suggest anything you know of as English friendly? I know if they don't want English there they can refuse the reservation. It's a very small place and unless you have a car the dolmus only comes along 1 an hour. I felt at times like I was in the twilight zone LOL. The only Europeans that were obvious were all yachties and stay on their boats. Any advice for me - or am I being paranoid???
    hi CB...just wanted to thankyou for your input on the turkish driving licence issue,as i am the same as you with a notarised translated copy of my uk licence.again this issue has come up on another forum ..and i could,nt see you on the membership list ,if you are there on a different name i would be glad for any input there ..cheers John..
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