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  • Good evening,
    I would be very grateful of any info you can offer please.
    We are now close to completing on a property but the seller is demanding to stay in the property for up to two weeks after completion tap transfer day. I refuse to do this. What is the legal position?
    Also... if we ever get to complete.... exactly what point is the house money given/transferred to the seller? They have been difficult throughout. If transferred via bank when can it be safely transferred ensuring not before tap signing or if cash when etc??
    Hope you can help.
    Hi there, is it legal for a lawyer to have an interest in a development/developer, if he is acting for the purchaser?
    Was given your name by another senior member who said you may be able to give some advice. We own on sunflower and this year our maintenance costs rose. We were also informed that our new maintenance payment no longer included our earthquake insurance even though the contract we signed with oracle states that it is included and has been for the past five years since we bought. When we objected to oracle about this they told us that the insurance would be cancelled as the contract was 'changeable'. I pointed out to them that if it was changeable then we should be able to change it too to suit us as much as them! Any advice on the rights and wrongs of this situation would be very much appreciated as sometimes there is no talking to oracle it is either their way or no way. Thanks.
    Hi Cem....I sent off a message to you if fact you may have received the same message 3 times as this notepad is playing silly buggers, if the message came to you I am happy if not can you let me know and I will send to you again,
    thank-you Linda
    hello i was wondering how we get power of attorney.
    you answered a thread i posted.
    we do not know how to get power of attorney off the ex as she is not co operatiing so how do we go about getting it?
    your reply is greatly appreciated.

    Hello Celtic. You might remember that we asked a question about the legality of being asked to pay extra taxes for the provision of roads. You said you would get back to us. Is there any chance you are able to answer this question on the forum now please.
    Can you tell me if there is a lower limit on placing an Ipotec/hypotec? Does it have to be over a certain amount? See my thread "contracts meeting"
    Emma (donation on the way)
    Hi Celtic, I was advised to post this to you to see if you can help/advise. Regards Phil

    Hi All, We have a three block 14 apartment/duplex complex which we would like to get complete cover for. At the moment we all have our own individual earthquake and building insurance. In flats I have lived in Britain, we all payed a premium to the leaseholder/management company who paid the insurance. Can this be done in Turkey? We run the maintenance ourselves.
    regards Phil
    Hi Celtic,
    I see you have returned to the forum. I'm pleased you have returned because I believe you could benefit and help many of the members of the forum.
    I hope the matter between us is now finished and forgotten about.
    Best wishes for the future.
    Hello Celtic, I've been advised to ask you this question by Andy the moderator. I inserted this thread to get peoples views.
    Hi All,

    Could anyone help with this query I have about accident liability?

    Example: If you have a complex of say 10 apartments all privately owned within there own private grounds.
    Should there be some safety risks within the complex and someone had an accident and got killed. i.e. say someone fell into a communal pool at night and drowned because there was inadequate protection or safety measures.

    Who is actually liable for the accident? is it all ten owners of the apartments?
    Can a victims family claim compensation off all ten owners?
    Or would the builder who built the apartments be liable for not providing sufficient safety measures to minimise accidents?

    Your thoughts and views on this query would be welcome?

    Hello Celtic,

    I heard you could give me some advice.We bought apartment in Akkaya Garden via Curbanoglu and completion was supposed to be by the end of July.We set up our payments according to that completion.The last lump of money should have been sent last week but because there is already 2 months delay we informed Curbanoglu that we would pay also 2 months later.It was 9240£ and after completion with the key 1910£.They started threatening us that we would have to pay penalty if we do not send money at once.On our contract states 2% penalty if we do not keep schedule which we always did before.Now,we think when they do not keep schedule we should not be obligated their schedule either.We want to pay on the 6September when we will be in Turkey.We just want fair treatment.What shall we do,please?
    Thank you
    Slavo and Anna
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