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    Seasons Greetings

    Hi all Just wanted to extend greetings to everyone at this time of year, and to wish you all a great 2011. Some of you will know I used to be a regular on TLF but left a while back for reasons I made clear at the time. I came back for a while under a pseudonym - didn't really post a lot, but...
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    Passengers in Turkey use bus to return to Europe

    Bus companies have organized trips to Munich, Germany and Bucharest, Romania from Istanbul for all passengers that can not fly to these countries due to ash clouds. Here C
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    The Train That Never Stops At Stations

    Incredible... - China : The train that never stops at a station! C
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    Volcano casts its dark shroud over Gallipoli

    MANY Australians' hopes of commemorating Anzac Day at Gallipoli have been thrown into disarray by the worsening volcanic ash crisis, the biggest disruption to global aviation since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Here C
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    What has Iceland done for Britain?

    Hope there's no Icelandic members of TLF :bounce: 'Vast clouds of volcanic dust from Iceland have grounded planes in Britain and much of northern Europe, creating chaos for travellers. Which begs the question: what has Iceland done for us lately?' Here C
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    German minister, wounded soldiers stranded in Istanbul

    German Defense Minister Guttenberg has been stranded in Istanbul along with five wounded soldiers as their flight from Afghanistan to Germany was redirected amid widespread travel chaos in Europe. Here C
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    Wilco’s Caravan

    A Dutch photographer, who came Turkey to work 11 years ago, is now a known figure for many television viewers who are following the program called, 'Wilco’s Caravan.' For many people, Wilco van Herpen is a sympathetic and sincere man, speaking in a nice Turkish accent and looking at Turkey...
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    The secrets of Sivrihisar

    “I’m in Sivrihisar,” I say to a couple of a Turkish friends. “Never heard of it!” they chorus. This is a rather strange reaction given that Sivrihisar has two things going for it that one might have thought would have earned it at least a soupcon of brand recognition. Here C
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    Bring back the Elgin Marbles

    Back around 1800, when Greece was still suffering from 400 years of Turkish occupation, the British ambassador, Lord Elgin, got permission from the Turks to remove a good chunk of the Parthenon and bring it back to London, for display in the British Museum. Now that the Turks are gone, the...
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    Turkish Flight Disruptions

    More than 110 international flights from and to Istanbul were cancelled on Saturday due to volcanic activity in Iceland. Here C
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    Volcano airline delays: Can I claim compensation?

    Just making this a separate thread as the volcanic ash one is getting a little cluttered with information. Some questions answered over current air passenger's dilemmas. What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled? If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you booked your flight...
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    Foça, an ode to the Aegean's beauty

    As the sound of the engine rings in our ears, we head toward the Siren Rocks mentioned by the ancient Greek poet Homer. The Aegean wind and the smell of the sea hit our face as we pass by İncir Ada (Fig Island), taking away every feeling of fatigue left from winter. Here C
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    Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş to clash amid tension in Istanbul derby

    Fenerbahçe is set to host Beşiktaş on Sunday night in an Istanbul derby with tensions high on both sides. Here C
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    'Santa Created By Coca-Cola Company'

    The modern image of Santa Claus is a creation of the Coca-Cola Company that does not reflect the real gift-giving figure on which the icon was based, says Culture Minister Ertuğrul Günay, calling for the promotion of faith tourism to St Nicholas' Mediterranean birthplace. The head of the Santa...
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    Advice on work permit cancellations in Turkey

    This week, I will response to a question from Sylvia, who wrote to me asking about work permit cancellations. She writes: “Dear Sadettin, I have been working in Turkey (Istanbul) since 2006. During this period, I worked legally with a work permit. I left the last company at the end of 2009...
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