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  • Hi Cath hope alls good with you and pete.would you if poss be able to get me a small milk for saturday but i wont be at appartment till about 2am sunday morn so could you please leave it outside front door.

    thanks cath
    see you soon vicky x
    Hi Vicky,

    Nice to hear from you. We're fine thanks. Still at Sunflower but we go home this Saturday. It's been rainy and breezy for the last few days and today it raining on and off, dull and bloomin' cold! Oh well, soon be back in the sunny UK ha, ha.

    Be good to see you all again in May - in the sunshine!

    Love, Cathi xx
    hi cath its vicky your new down stairs neighbour hope you and pete are both well.
    are you still at the sunflower if so hows things out there weather wise.
    its starting to get cold here iv started putting the heating on.
    we cant get back out till may it cant come quick enough

    Best wishes vicky
    Blimy, that is expensive? Lianne has GP appt. at 9.50 but don't know what we're doing after that. R u in all day? Be good to have a catch up n a cuppa (if I can get a word in........!!). Not sure what time tho so hope we catch you in.
    hi mate ,,i didnt wanna come back ..its nice there in tenerife,but very expensive...8 euro,s for ice cream ...gulp.........(nearly 8 pounds ) are u popping in for a coffee 2moro?
    if so c
    see u then
    We heard it's really hot there at the moment so not sorry to be in the UK. Nothing selling there though, unless you want to take a big drop in price. Few apartments in Sunflower been for sale for over a year.
    im still tempted to sell here ,the stairs are getting harder to climb.
    we gonna retire in 2 years.
    as im just gonna c boys through till they16.
    il never forgive them for wot they did to us with lacey,
    its bloody hot today

    we gotta go to town and try sort it out.
    they say they pulllng out here cause of steve moaning ,
    but we think they using it as an excuse ,as they not making money..
    hows uk
    Hi Kay,

    We knew there had been things happening at Primrose but not that Oracle were pulling out. Pete's not looking for a p/t job in Turkey, he's quite happy just relaxing and having his health drink (Efes!).
    hi cath hows things ,we have been told oracle pulling out of the villa,s and sunshine is this true.
    could be a part time job for pete lol
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