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    flights from uk

    does anyone know if the flights for next summer from the uk and ireland are out yet to bodrum or izmir?? Want to get it booked asap so that i have it sorted and can look forward to my next trip to Altinkum. Thanks
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    Restaurants with car service.

    Hiya, not long now til i'm in altinkum and i cannot wait.. I just want a bit of advice. CAn you please tell me which restaurants offer car service and als how do we go about booking them? From our apartment we can get the wee bus down to the beaches, so are there any good restaurants around this...
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    Can someone please answer my question about the internet. I would like to know if it is possible to buy a doogle so that i may bring my laptop with me and use it in my apartment? Do i need to have wifi to do this or internet connection or is this what a dongle does? as you can tell i'm not up on...
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    Air conditioning

    Can someone please recommend a place to buy air conditioning units and also a brant that is a good model and reliable? Also can you tell me what is a reasonable price to expect to pay? Thanks..14 days now..
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    Apartment insurance

    Can anyone advise where you get home insurance or apartment insurance and how you go about getting it? Do you buy it out there, can anyone tell me what companies they would recommend and what kind of insurance that i should look for?
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    Travel Insurance

    can anyone advise on where is the best for travel insurance?
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    another food question

    Is it too hot to eat during the day? Is the fruit nice and the the tomatos and ham nice too.. I am only thinking of when i went spain and the produce there was gorgeous especially the fresh fruit and veg and ham. Also do they do bread like i can use for toast here. I know this seems really weird...
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    Now this is a post solely for my husband as it is his holiday too! Is there anywhere he will be able to watch the english football on tv as the season starts when we are away. We are in the Prestige complex so i was wondering even in the restaurant there is there a tv to watch english football...
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    favourite restaurants & Bars

    Just out of interest what is your favourite restaurant and bar? And why? is it price, food, service, location, or its different than that you'd get back home/ Its just to see what everyone likes? I want to explore the different restaurants and the different flavours of turkey. Thanks :thanks:
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    Suncream and medicine

    Just want to know is it better to take suncream and medicine such as headaches tablets and capol for the kids or is it as cheap to buy out in altinkum?
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    Super Excited!

    I cannot wait to get to Altinkum now. Usually going on holiday i'm very apprehensive due to it being new and somewhere i have to get to know and trust, but with this forum i already feel comfortable and so excited to be going there. Thanks you guys for helping making this a little less stressful...
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    anyone stayed here??

    Has anyone ever stayed here or know anything about these apartments? Are they far from the centre or beach and are they nice? Others have commented on the other apartments but nothing on this place. Thanks
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    Cheese travel question

    Is this a new thing in the last five yrs or was it always there? I wasnt aware of it before and we have all monies paid as last few yrs as well as annual fees etc. Why do they not allow cheese when traveling but sausages and bacon? Strange!:dooh::dooh:
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    tapu or not tapu that is the question!

    Hi, looking through our information from the company that sold us apartment it stated that our tapu was readt to be issued and all we had to do was sign for it.. will we be able to get it or does the fact that they aren't issuing tapus to foreigners at the moment mean we still cant get it even...
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    keyholder services and cleaning

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to know what is the best option for key holding and cleaning apartment. is their anyone you would recommend or any company that is reasonable and reliable and honest. I want to rent the apartment next season or as soon as i'm back from my holidays. any advice on how to...
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