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    Anyone know of Alexander Hills apartment for sale?

    Hi If anyone knows of a top floor apartment on the higher levels of Alexander Hills site for sale could you PM me please. Thanks!
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    5th May - Are you near Yalikavak??

    Hi There seems to be quite a few of us who are out to the Bodrum Peninsular next week to furnish our places. Does anyone fancing meeting up on Friday 5th May at the Morgul Antik restaurant in Yalikavak (luckycat68 - Sue's place) say 8pm? Carol
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    Onur Air Safety Record

    I have read many reports about Onur Air - some good and some bad. It seems that the customer service side can be poor sometimes but can anyone tell me about their safety record? Age of fleet? We are going out to Bodrum before the charters start on 1st may and Onur are certainly the cheapest and...
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    Photos of our concrete shell in Yalikavak

    Hi We have just had some more pics of our villa which we hope will be finished within the next month. This forum has been invaluable to us so thanks to everyone! We just have to furnish the place now - help!!!!!!! Carol
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    Best place to buy a leather corner sofa?

    Hi We are hoping to furnish our villa in Yalikavak at the beginning of May. We have seen our ideal leather corner sofa in IKEA in the UK but the new IKEA in Izmir (which opens in April and would deliver) does not stock this particular one. Could anyone advise where we could find good quality...
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    power of attorney - is this what I do? Urgent help please

    Hi I need to arrange Power of Attorney for my Turkish Agent (all checked out for trustworthinesss and agents registration certificate obtained - trading 14 years) from the UK. I have read through various threads on this forum and I think this is what I have to do but I would really appreciate...
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    Pros & Cons of buying New v Resale

    Hi - I will be viewing various properties in the Yalikavak area in January and had only considered buying new/off plan. However I have seen some resale properties (only up to 3 years old as I would not consider anything older -or should I?) that seem far more reasonably priced and in some cases...
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    Has anyone bought through these 3 agents?

    Hi - We are visiting Bodrum in January and at present are thinking of viewing properties with 3 agents. Escape 2 (offices in Bitez and Manchester) Sunny Homes (UK & Turkey offices) Sunshine Turkish Homes (Turkey only office). Has anyone had dealings with these agents? Sunshine Turkish Homes...
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    Hello from Stoke on Trent!

    Just to introduce myself and to thank you for such a great site. I have been researching the Bodrum Peninsular since October with a view to purchasing an off plan property and my laptop is nearly worn out!. I will be visiting in January and am particularly interested in Yalikavak, Gundogan or...
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