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  • Not heard or seen you for a while, just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, take care and enjoy. Sharon xxxx
    God love you Steve, nerves and a heart of steel, teenagers in your palace, phew, I do know you will have your work cut out for you. I have 2 girls, totally messy untidy lumps LOL!!!! Just try to chill and make them help Steve, but as we both know easier said than done. Lay down the law - make a stand - at least when they ignore you, you will feel you have tried. Seriously it will be fine, even though you will be shattered. Enjoy!!!!!
    Thanks for the kind words Steve. Yip I bet you are depressed on all counts, hope you get back to the lovely sunshine and the beautiful views again really soon. Love and best wishes, Sharon xxxxx
    not too bad, thankyou. they've been a bit itchy recently, and i found out today my great grandson has got conjunctivtus, so wondering whether i should go to the gp or contact the hospital just in case. could just be that they are healing, i know i'll be glad when the stitches have dissolved.
    how long did it take for your wife to completey recover?
    Arrian xx
    I guessed as much, the reality is there is very little to tell, i resigned because I got too busy with my work and to be honest i got bored with it, but i can fully understand why some thrive on it.

    Thank you Steve, just picked up there on your lovely words, Eddie you know my old man Steady, I think he thinks he is pretty well off LOL!!!! Don't think he is gonna trade me in now too set in our ways ha ha. Personally I am looking for a richer model asap, but might just stick it out, better the devil and all that. Everyone has been so so supportive, it is unreal, I am so very grateful to all the lovely kind folks. Thanks Steve, you always say the nicest things means so much to me, so so sorry if it offended anyone. But, I just couldn't. It's just me xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Steve, thank you so so much for your kind and caring words, it means so very much to me. I promise you that. Love and best wishes, Sharon xxxx
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