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  • Hi Buddy,
    we were interested in your Turkish experience since we have a 9 years old daughter and planing to move there. We would like to know if your son integrated a Turkish school after the his language course. Our daughter currently is in grade 5. When we move she will be in grade 6. We wonder if she could be allowed in similar grade after the language qualification? Thanks for your insight
    Hi Boxer Paul, I'm moving over in January to Akbuk and members here on the Forum said that you could point me in the direction of a decent Gym?

    Thanks in advance

    l'll send him an e-mail as well as telephoning him.He gives you 10 minutes of his time,whether it is a case to persue.ln this case it is.
    Crescent homes also provides a legal service that could help you out.Speak with them also
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