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  • Bob, warm wishes to you and Chris for a very Merry Christmas and hope all your dreams come true in 2011. Take care. Sharon xxxxxxxxxxx
    l never heard of Akyaka,but if it is the same road l think you used then there is another way by going into Milas and from there you pick up the signs to Bodrum.

    The road in question is a cut through from Akbuk to Bodrum,but can be quite exhilarating if you have a very confident professional driver that knows this road like the back of his hand
    Hi Bob, can I pick your brains - we stay in Akyaka when we go to Turkey and I think we went along a cliff top costal road to get to Akbuk - I remember not wanting to return that way because we would be nearer the sheer drop on the return journey. If I'm right can you please tell me if there is another route back to Akyaka which does not involve risking life and limb. We would both love to attend the meet up. Mo x
    Welcome back home Bob. Just me as Mod now so any problems just shout for me or Mushtaq.
    Seems you have so many friends here including me i just hope you don't disappear again.

    Take Care & enjoy your time with us once again.
    Hi Bob et all
    Been following your post So glad you are back on line.Just to let you know how much Sandie and I appreciated all the help you gave us regarding our on going "problem" It's not getting any better for those who refuse to listen. Buts that's their problem now. WE feel soooooo much more in control now. Keep you informed of progress and see you in the spring
    Cheers DandS
    hi bob..just read your post.and im wondering who was it that upset you....theres no need for it..but dont you let anybody get you down xxxx
    I will be in Akbuk in October. I know you are very knowledgeable and I would be grateful if you could recommend a carpenter who could build me a bookcase. Also a landscape gardener to start work on my garden. Thanks for any help. Elaine
    Bob, Glynn has given me his phone number to pass on to you.
    0539 894 5347 or 0256 811 6431
    l was thinking about it,but l just didn't want to burden the members to contribute to someonr they do not know of.
    l think one of his friends has set something up for him.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts.l do appreciate it.
    Hi bob
    Would you set up a legal fund to help your neighbor so all on the forum could contribute

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