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    nissan navara td 2007 auto cutting out

    Hi guys,I was wondering if any one knows of a solution to this problem. Nissan.dealers recommended that gear box faulty,after changing that,still same problem.No faults comming up on diagnostic machain.The vehicle runs smoothly, only problems occurs,when starting vehicle,and as soon as you...
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    property consultant gets away with murder

    I must be naive or lost a screw in the head,or have I! Last year went to overseas property exhibition in Birmingham,and met quite a few estate agents,advise from the show was,"by property from reputable agent",don't get me wrong,met some lovely people etc,but decided to do more research? What...
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    Bank Debt charges on land in Turkey

    I can do with some help regarding this matter,as I am totaly confused? It goes like this, I have looked at some land,which is reasonably priced,to purchase for future investment. After doing a bit of research, found out that, the bank has interest on the actual land.Not mentioning any details of...
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    Best place to Hire 4x4 in Fethiye?

    Arriving in 10 days in fethiye,booked at yacht hotel,looking to hire all terrain vehicle,until I purchase my own, can anyone recommened some one honest and reliable to hire from,who also speaks English and doesn't rip you off. Also would be greatful to know of costings. Thank you all help...
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    looking for couple of german Sheppards puppies

    Does a anyone know around fethiya or Uzumlu area,where I can asetain couple of German Sheppard puppies please.:loony:
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    Use a Solicitor to buy Turkish Property?

    When buying a property,the first rule is that you must use a solicitor.I know and understand that many solicitors,are wolves in sheep's clothing. In order to find a good one,lots of research is advised,and read vital forums and views of people. In my opinion,reviews of client's is a must,a...
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    Toad in the hole, literally

    These are my honest opinion, and shall remain as such.I have been researching properties to buy for living and investing in.To my horror, most the properties are over priced,but you can negotiate a good deal. I was born in UK,but had the privilege to live in Pakistan.I learned the hard way by...
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    Looking for a reliable 4x4 in next few weeks

    Hello you lucky people, I was wondering if anyone could help. I am moving to Uzumlu in next few weeks.Where I am going to reside is on the top of the mountain. I would need to buy a 4x4,and I don't speak the lingo yet,do you know anyone who I could hire for a day to translate,for me,in order to...
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    Estate agents Dress ups

    Its amazing how estate agents can take a photographs of different properties, and sell them.We looked at few properties, and made our own arrangement to come to Turkey. When we arrived here,we were told that some of the properties didn't have paper work or they were sold. We are lucky that we...
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