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    All Packed (un-named agent in Koycegiz)

    [8D]Well I,m all packed and ready for an early start to the Airport in the Morning:) stocked up cupboards/freezer for Hubby who I am leaving home alone, as he can,nt travel as yet to soon after his Op. Warned neighbours that if they see any smoke coming from the House it will only be Himself...
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    Resident Visas

    I,ve got a basic understanding of how to apply for this Visa, but on the Consulate web site it states that the form must be type set, not hand written[?][?] who would you see/go to, to get this done[?] also apart from a bank statement showing you have enough money to live in Turkey, what other...
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    Having read Kadin,s report on North Cyprus which was very informative, got me thinking that whilst I knew we do not have an extradition treaty with Northern Cyprus, but is there one for Turkey with the U.K[?]
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    Well hubby has finally had his heart surgery and is now slowly recovering. Counting the day,s now to when he will be fit enough to travel which hopefully should be about September time and all being well, will be on a one way ticket;) which brings me to a couple of questions which I am hoping...
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    Kitchen Units

    Absolutly hate the Kitchen Units in our place, they are definitly not the one,s that I chose to be fitted[xx(]and as for the handles well not even going there[V] Would it be possible to get replacement doors and drawer fronts like we can now get here in the U.K that way would not have to replace...
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    Though I have e-mailed several Hospitals in Turkey, unfortuantly no replies back!! I am trying to find out the approx. cost for a Triple Heart Bypass and new Aortic Valve Operation,[?][?][?][?]
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    wills in Turkey

    Wills in Turkey Not having made our will out as yet in Turkey, which is rather remiss of us, but can someone please explain what happens if either partner passes away and you have no will, I know that the partner gets a percentage and any children also get so much, but how do you go about...
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