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  • Hi BirneyBoy, This is Jean & Joe's daughter. I try to keep them updated with things that are happening on here as they dont have a pc in Turkey.
    Is there anyone out there who has bought on the Emmerald aprt complex in Altinkum ? have you got you tapu yet & is the complex ready ?

    Hi all, Does anybody out there know if anyone needs to buy any furniture ? we have an aprt which is fully furnished & wanting to sell all furniture.

    Hi All, Has anyone got any further news regarding viva mar ? Hi Ann & Pete was your aprt all ready when you went out ? We are going back out in 2 weeks time for a week, apparently Reyhan has told us our aprt is all up & running ? will wait & see. Does anyone know how to go about getting the habitation certificate ? as I believe we can get the bills cheaper then ? do you have to have the Tapu first, as we are still awaiting it. We have a set of keys but not the tapu, Rayhan is chasing it up hopefully. We applied for the military check in march when we were there, do they have to have this back before we get the tapu ? Do we get a copy of the miltary check ? how does it all work.

    Hi All,
    We have managed to get hold of Rehan & she has replied back to us. She has told us our apartment is all ready now, which is good news. We have are keys but still awaiting the Tapu. She told us its still with the military ? I have asked if she can chase it up for me & hopefully we might get it when we are back out there in middle July for a week to get things organised.

    Thanks for all you help,

    Try - reyhantpa@hotmail.com.
    I have given this one to quite a few via our FaceBook pg & I know they have replies. Im out again on 5th july so if you email me your permission & details of apt, I will collect your Tapu & Keys, Ive had no problems doing this before, I know its a worry but I hope looking at photos will put your mind at ease. Hope to see you there some time, May (C2)
    Birneyboy i think the caretaker on site has a folder with a pile of tapus in, when are you going over there, we aren't going till Septyou may be going before that, just go and ask him to give you yours if he has them, (thats if HES still there, if e rays gone staff might too.
    Hi Birneyboy,didyou try the email i gave you for rayhan (she is staying on the site and is part of the management) you must get hold of tapu, then go down to belediye office in didum and get copy of habitation cert, Orhan who lives in A10 apartment may help you as he is turkish and knows his way about and he can speak some english, i hope he will run site for us when all ths is sorted. Who told you Erays gone? that would explain why no-one can reach him

    Hi Brenny,Thanks for the infor how do you go about getting the habitation certificate as we thought this would come once everything was finalised. We have been informed that our apartment is finished but they said this back in May and when we visited the apartment was not ready, we have the keys but this is all, we are still chasing up the tapu but this is extremely difficult as we cannot get hold of anybody to get any information, we have found out that eray has left the company ??? which is slightly worrying as he was the only contact we had. we have been told that if you do not have the tapu then you have no legal rights to the apartment, we have tried all the email address's we have but no replys so far.
    Hi Birneyboy, theres an email for Rayhan which is rayhantpa@hotmail.com you could try that, other wise no-one is getting answers now, go onto facebook and if your an owner on viva mar you can go onto brits with property abroad also viva mar its private and a lot of other owners on this site, we need to get at least 3rd of property owners to vote for changes, have you got your tapu and keys?, (whats to do in your apt is it a lot) they only have the caretaker doing the snaggings etc.... i am going out again in Sept when i hope to get down the belediye in didum to get certificate of habitation, i will feel a lot happy when thats done then can pay my own water and elec bills as they are charging us twice as much, take care, Brenda
    Hi Ian,
    We're of to the Viva Mar on 19th June, will let every one know what's happening over there, hope to see an improvement after our last visit in April.
    Hi all > anybody got any more news regarding the VIVA MAR - Altinkum site & where they are upto> Thanks Ian
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