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    A journey to Kars

    My wife Linda and I were on holiday in Icmiler when Linda found a book on a shelf in a bar titled Snow by Orhan Pamuk, which turned out to be a book about a town in Eastern Turkey which has more than its fair share of snow for 5 or 6 months of the year. It got us thinking about going there for...
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    Veg prıces

    I know the fruıt and veg prıces are up and down at the moment but yesterday was a new record for me!! we use the same shop on the boulevard for our veg shopping and today the red peppers were 20tl per kilo, we could not believe it can any body beat that? are the prices the same all over Turkey?.
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    Android box problem

    Hi folks, I set up a few boxes for friends and neighbours but have just come across a problem I have not had before. I set up a new box no problem put it on my friends tv and it says no signal!! now his tv is a flat screen but it is about 7 years old, put his old box back on his tv and it comes...
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    Just for a laugh

    Kids covered in paint...HILARIOUS!!! - YouTube
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    Well we are that time of year again in Turkey where the subject of heating our iceboxes rears its ugly head. All the usual suspects are here, wood burners, electric fires, air cons, which if any have you tried and which do you think is the best IE cleanest,most cost effective, least hassle etc...
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    Just for a laugh

    Funny Nativity - YouTube
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    Raining hard

    After looking at the latest disaster zone pics of Bodrum after the rain (which is exactly what happened last year) it is definately a planning issue! A few years ago (as anybody will tell you ) you did not buy in Hunters Valley as it flooded in the winter, which was true many a time we were out...
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    Android boxes

    It all seems to have gone a bit quiet on the old kodi, Android box, front so I thought I would see what everybody is doing at the moment. For myself I tend to use Terrarium 90% of the time though it seems to be getting fewer and fewer links, though is still working ok. Neptune Rising, Placenta...
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    Carpet tiles

    Anybody out there ever seen any? with winter coming I thought carpet tiles in the bedrooms would be a good idea. though living here for a good few years I have never seen any. I could laminate easy enough but I thought tiles would be warmer,:27br:
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    Any idea ?

    This has just popped up on a piece of land at the side of our place, any ideas what it is, if its for street cats why the fence around it? if its for birds why the ramp outside? its got me jiggered.
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    Balls up!!

    Reports coming in about the new L C WAIKIKI store, people may have noticed the tarp going back up, it seems it has been built too high and cannot get its habitation certificate, the store is allegedly fining the builders 10,000 tl per day till it is put right. Only in Turkey.
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    Haircut HOW MUCH!!!!

    After getting the old grey hair trimmed the other day I got to thinking how the prices have gone up, only three years ago it was 10tl now the same bloke is charging 25tl now that is some jump in prices just goes to show what inflation does to your money. Just as a matter of interest what are...
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    Mavisehir demolition

    The bars and restaurants on the front in Mavisehir have been given notice that come monday all of them are to be bulldozed and by the sound of it there is no plans to replace them with anything either!!. Some have been there over 30 years, also they are saying the loveboat is going as well. It...
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    Bomb disposal

    Driving back from the gym this morning loads of police about putting a cordon up around the Horizon Hotel, guys getting suited up in the full bomb blast suits!! scary stuff no big bang so I suppose was a suspicious package. Anybody know any more?
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    Youtube problem

    Am getting two notices on my M8S regarding youtube which is not working!! one of the messages is marked for deletion the other is bad request. Checking it out it seems to be a cookie problem which removing on a computer is easy but on the box seems to be a bigger problem, can anybody give me a...
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