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    I'm currently writing a Travel Guide for the Bodrum Peninsula area, which is due to be published in March 2013 (available on Amazon). If you have any personal recommendations for favourite locations, activities etc. - that I can include in the guide - feel free to message me.

    I've just seen your thread and just in case you if you couldn't find someone to your liking you can ring me and we can talk. I started cleaning after me and my boyfriend started to look after a villa in Ortakent. It's an expensive place and needs proper cleaning because people are paying loads of money and once people started to praise my cleaning abilities I thought if I clean this one I can clean others too. I enjoy cleaning and I enjoy the faces of people after seeing my work. I worked in Neilson Seaside Otel by Thomas Cook (in Ortakent) for 3 seasons as a receptionist just in case you need reference about me.

    So if you are interested here is my number 507 437 5114. Hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards,
    Sorry I have been off the air intentionally after I lost my password for a while, spent too much time on here!
    you for asking me- though I am inclined to ask you to share a few tips on blogging aswell. feel I have to do it!
    What is you name by the way- I have read your blog.
    Hi sorry its been a while but please find attached photos of market.
    It is held on a sunday and has an assortment of stalls.
    The village is a small quite fishing village over looking the Mandalya bay, it has a number of fish restrants by the waters edge, and a few shops. It also has a nice small beach with safe swimming.
    I hope this is of use to you, if you would like any other info feel free to contact me.
    Sorry cant attach photos if you wish to supply an email address i can send them.
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