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    gocek doctor ?

    A friend of mine in Gocek has been having really severe hayfever like symptoms along with lack of sleep .Tried anti histamines but not having much effect . Any advice on local Doctors would be appreciated . Personal experience location contact details please A precautionary check up...
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    Owners direct new competitor

    Guys who rent out and are getting fed up with Owners direct please check out a well funded emerging competitor . They will be taking overseas property in a few weeks and will be including Turkey A one off annual fee and no "service " charge . Simply Owners | Simple and Direct Holiday Rentals...
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    Credit to Yapi Kredi

    I just had great support from Yapi K English speaking call centre staff . They helped me set up Internet banking last night while I was here in the Uk . I have accounts in Ortaca but never used online access till now . They even called me this morning to see if it was working for me and did...
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    easyjet tickets forsale dalaman to stansted 22 and 29 october

    alice and I have changed our return plans now flying home 19 October . her ticket with extra legroom seat 12d on 22 october . mine is same seat but 29 October . I thought I would ask for offers at 150 minimum each. Name change looks like 45 pounds on top . reasonable offers considered . If...
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    Check your easyjet flights

    Re: EasyJet flights Compliments to easyjet . I am flying stansted to Dalaman out 13 April back early may. Flight has gone down 18 pounds . Called Ezy and they sent m vouchers worth 20 pounds within 3 minutes chatting . All helpful and not a moments hesitation . You guys might wish to check your...
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! Some class from the fens . ( that's the flat arse end of England to you posh people )
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! Good morning from London . This is fun and easy going WATCH: Carpool Karaoke with Adele and James Corden - Video Display - Video - The Edge
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    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    Re: Good morning! I love this . Enjoy
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    London legal international

    Hello all My X is selling me her share of our property back to me and has decided to use London Legal international . The property is in Dalyan and i think the nearest office of theirs is Antalya . Does anyone have experience of useing them in similar property transactions. If you wish...
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    Battle of Britain.

    It was great to watch 12 Spits fly back to RAF Duxford yesterday Chatting to complete strangers all with common admiration and respect for the young airmen that took to the sky and fought to defend the UK . Some never came back . We have a free sky a free country and a free life because...
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    Drone. Anyone got a camera carrying Drone

    Hi. I want to make a promo video of my property using a quad copter drone . If you have one I would be happy to commission your time to help me make a video. I have flown them in the UK and they are great fun . Regards Alan
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    Holiday lettings and trip advisor

    Hi I presently use owners direct but over the past 3 years seem to be getting less and less interest .The number of hits onto my villa information is half what it was 3 years ago, This may be something I am doing wrong and will look into it . With the rise in trip advisors influence I am...
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    Nespesso coffee pods

    I am taking a nespresso out to our place in Turkey but did wonder two things. Can you take coffee pods on hand luggage . Can you buy nespresso,pods in the Dalyan area . I have searched stansted security and cant get an answer also,tried on here for,any related threads with no luck. Any advice...
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    cava fan needs help

    Hi guys One of my friends is about to start a holiday in Dalyan . She loves Cava . I havnt found anything in Dalyan that's a dry sparkling wine but does anyone know if it exists and where I can buy it . She will survive without it .lol Thanks in sparkling anticipation. Alan
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    Ferndale apartment purchase.

    Hi ladies and gents. A friend of mine is buying a ground floor,apartment in the Ferndale block . She is buying via King Emlak that have an excellent reputation . Firstly anyone here also have one of those apartments and would you be willing to share your experience there. Second is their a...
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