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  • Hi Norman and a Happy New Year to you. My name is Lyn and I am moving to Toparlar in January, which is where, I believe, you live.
    I am anxious to get an internet connection asap. I wonder if you can give me any tips about arranging it there?
    I hope to pay another visit to the area during the first week of January as I also have to find and get installed a water heater and 80m of fencing to keep my dog in the garden.
    If I can organise the Internet at the same time it would be good.
    Best wishes,
    Hello Bickern
    My name is Mary and I am a volunteer in the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre in Kuşadası.
    Thank you for your post and a link to our site.
    Curious .. hardly a train smash but on my personal details it gives my BD as Nov 21 (correct) but on ‘Birthdays’ it shows as Nov 20.
    Our neighbour owns an apartment on a Artev site,I was telling him yesterday about a thread about structoral problems but I cannnot find it any more
    Donna Muir started it
    I would go for a fixed line ADSL every time. You say you do not have residency but with the new visa requirements (90/180) how often and for how long are you intending to visit? Residence permits are quite cheap now so are well worth applying for. $80 for 12 months plus 172 TL for the blue book.

    Further info
    Hi Norman,

    As a new forum member I've been randomly looking at broadband threads and I noticed you were contributing to a number of them with expertise.

    I may be purchasing property in the Bodrum area this autumn but won't have Resident status. I'd also like to have a stable broadband connection with reasonably high speeds.

    Briefly, I assume that the Residency requirement is still in place in relation to acquiring a phone line with Turk Telecom so my question is whether you can recommend alternatives that are stable and reasonably fast.

    I assume the alternatives are satellite broadband, a dongle, or naked DSL. With your expertise, I was wondering which of these three options you'd recommend. I think I read somewhere on the forum that satellite is slow and often unreliable, but I'm not sure how seriously to take this view.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have a (brief) opinion I'd be very grateful.

    Regards & thanks,
    You mean the same colours as the Union Flag of the UK? The flag that most users on here are familiar with.

    If you kindly pay attention the Union Flag originated before the States existed.

    I meant who are you exactly in connection with the topic of the post. not your personal details. because you invited people to contact you "if kindly can give us a call" but how does anyone know who you are?
    Hello There ,

    People usually salute each other when they want to say something , People don't need to be rude to each other such as saying " Who are you exactly " Let me tell you who I am .. I am a person who can think and a person who knows how to talk polite not rude ..
    I asked them to give us a call which the particular party s know our office number and also Skype phone number . The forum is wide open to everyone with out finger pointing ( This is the motto of the forums , World Wide ) , Accusations are always easy with out knowing the facts .
    You are right , I am not English , if you kindly pay attention to my screen name you will notice that it is called as Red , White & Blue , The Colors of The American Flag ..

    Best Regards

    Tom BAIKAL
    I wish LOL, it is from The Incredibles. Nice work finding the ınfo out because the solicitor could be a link
    Just to let you know that there is no sign of Virtus at Amelia House, Crescent Rd. There are several companies listed there, including Carpenter Box, Solicitors. Is that you typing away on your photo' ? I like it, you look nice !
    Dear Mr. Bickern, Re Virtus Enterprises Ltd. I have been to Premium House, The Esplanade and found no sign of this company there. Managed to speak to a member of staff who said she thinks she remembers him but it was a long time ago and she thought his outfit was a sort of call centre. Then went to Grafton Lodge, 15 Grafton Rd. This building has been unoccupied for some time but was once the offices of Carpenter Box LLB Solicitors. It would appear that this little bird has flown !!!
    Hi Bickern
    Sorry but couldnt resist the comment to your fags picture Lol
    Havent seen anything so stomach churning close up for a long time yuk.
    I am a pussycat really but I can see why there are moves to remove pictures from advertising.
    All the best
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